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Five benefits of using MD scheduling software for telehealth

Posted on 6/17/2020 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in one of the largest crises healthcare organizations and providers have had to face since the Spanish flu. The coronavirus strain has the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Hospital Association and other organizations concerned the U.S. healthcare system could run out of crucial resources and supplies, like hospital beds and ventilators. However, another crucial concern that's less discussed is shift scheduling with an already overwhelmed healthcare workforce.

With healthcare physicians working overtime to help meet an influx in patient demand, a number of adjustments will have to be made to doctor schedules to ensure safe schedules for physicians and meeting patient demands. One way to help with this is by using MD scheduling software. Here are five benefits of using telehealth doctor scheduling software.

1. Transition to and Scale Secure Telehealth

It's never been more important than now to provide telehealth services. Physicians must be able to provide patient treatment from a distance and collaborate with their colleagues securely in real-time. This is why it's vital to have the right technology and a reliable network. With emergency medicine scheduling software, you can serve more patients virtually, keep up with the increased volume of patients and ensure fair scheduling all while reducing physical contact.

2. Expanded Access to Care

Quickly connect new sites of healthcare for managing the demand surge for:

• Testing
• Evaluation
• Treatment facilities

3. Enlistment of More Healthcare Providers as Needed

As patient demand increases, your need for more doctors will as well. Physician scheduling software can help you enlist the help of more doctors across specialties and incorporate them quickly into their schedules. When you leverage scheduling software, you can create new and backup assignments with various tools.

4. Shorter Shift Blocks and Adequate Breaks

Many doctors experience burnout; including nurses and other healthcare providers. And, there's no doubt there will be an increase in physician burnout in the coming months as healthcare teams face:

• Dwindling care supplies
• Unprecedented patient demand
• Lack of COVID-19 treatment options

One small step your facility can take for alleviating burnout during this pandemic is to ensure your doctors can step away and take breaks from patient care when needed. It’s vital that all healthcare providers are at the top of their game now, perhaps more than ever in the history of our nation.

5. Business, Clinical and IT Operations Efficiencies

Maximize IT and staff efficiency, keep costs down, and reduce waste. MD scheduling software helps to streamline and automate scheduling, allowing for more efficiencies within your hospital or medical practice or across your network.

Telehealth services are more important today than ever and will likely continue to be for some time. The pandemic may have changed the way physicians will see patients in the future, with more routine appointments being conducted remotely. Telemedicine can help protect your physicians and other healthcare workers. Physician scheduling software can help you streamline the telehealth scheduling process.

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