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Five benefits of using scheduling software for emergency medicine

Posted on 9/24/2014 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Whether you’ve considered it before or you’re just learning about the potential of scheduling software for emergency medicine, now is a great time to make the move for the sake of your physician scheduling needs.

Emergency medicine scheduling presents hospitals and medical facilities with a unique type of dilemma. This department must be staffed, at all times, to handle whatever the universe throws in its direction – whether it’s a slow night or one in which the end of the world seems imminent.

These are five benefits that make a huge difference to your emergency department’s shift scheduling process. Consider them carefully as you decide whether this software solution is the right move for your emergency department to make.

1) Ensures Adequate Coverage for all Shifts

No one wants to work in an understaffed emergency department on a busy night. Nor does anyone wish to work in an overstaffed emergency department on a slow night. Keeping the shifts adequately covered to meet the average demands of the hour, with appropriate people standing by to come in if disaster strikes and additional hands are necessary is the only way to go. This doesn’t always happen, despite the best intentions, when scheduling by hand due to the monumental nature of the task.

2) Eliminates Mistakes in the Scheduling Process

Emergency medicine scheduling is no easy task in the best of circumstances. If it were a straight up game of getting the right number of people in the right number of slots, it would be simple. The actual process, though, is much more complex. There are physician practice hours, scheduling preferences, vacation requests, union demands, accreditation requirements, and so much more to work into the schedule that mistakes are made all the time.

3) Allows Physicians to Check Schedules and Make Requests On the Go

Perhaps the biggest benefits of scheduling software from an administrative point of view is the fact that physician scheduling requests (vacation days, PTO, etc.) and the actual hours of physician shifts can be accessed remotely without involving an administrative staff member to take time out of their schedules to consult the plan, make a note, or forward an email. It automates the process freeing valuable administrative time.

4) Saves Hospitals and Emergency Departments Money

You know the old saying, “Time is money!” This statement is doubly true in busy emergency rooms and hospitals throughout the country. Scheduling software for emergency medicine saves time and money by automating the entire scheduling process, eliminating scheduling mistakes that lead to overtime or understaffing, or the need to bring in costly temporary workers to cover the shifts.

5) Distributes Call Shifts Fairly

This is particularly important for weekend and holiday call shifts that are so critical and so widely dreaded as shift scheduling problems. The software keeps a long-term history of call shift schedules so that it can ensure fair distribution among physicians.

When you run a busy emergency department, getting it wrong is not an option. Scheduling software for emergency medicine facilities and departments eliminates human error and facilitates a happier, more productive work force of physicians and support staff.

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