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Five convenience benefits of using a physician scheduling program

Posted on 1/14/2015 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Physician scheduling can be one of the most complex and time consuming aspects of hospital or emergency department administration there is today. In fact, most would argue that there is nothing at all convenient about the process.

However, when you use shift scheduling software to do the heavy lifting for you, you’re sure to find that emergency medicine scheduling has a sudden change of prognosis. These are just five of the benefits a quality physician scheduling program has to offer your medical facility.

1) Allows you to post schedules online. This might not seem like a big deal at first glance, but when the schedule is complete, you can post it online with a few clicks on the keyboard. More importantly, quick keyboard clicks send the schedules, simultaneously, to all the physicians on them. Your physicians, and other medical staff, can then download their schedules to their favorite calendar programs. No more phone calls at all hours of the day and night concerning schedules!

2) Presents opportunities for physicians to trade or split shifts online. Another problem that occurs when creating schedules is that invariably someone has something come up and needs to trade an entire shift, or just a few hours at some point during the shift. Life happens – even to doctors. Shift scheduling software allows doctors to offer the shifts they need to other doctors without involving you as the middle person.

3) Enables physicians to indicate their availability online. This means that physicians now have the opportunity to request vacation days, time off, and even confirm availability for certain shifts before the schedule is created. How many times has your administrator spent hours of labor creating a schedule only to discover a lost slip of paper containing a vacation request (or several) and had to go back to square one with the schedule? This effectively ends that possibility placing the onus on the physicians to make their requests online and on time.

4) Customizable to the needs of your facility. This simple concept is huge. Good shift scheduling software is customizable though. This means that you can make it meet the needs of your medical facility, rather than having to try to adjust the way you run your facility to meet the constraints of the software. It also means you can have as many scheduling options as you need in order to cover all your basis. You can change the hours, number of employees, parameters, requirements, and even days to suit your facility best.

5) Intuitive to use. If it isn’t simple or intuitive to use, people won’t use it. That’s the simple truth about software. It doesn’t matter how much time it will save eventually if it takes too much time to learn in the first place. The best scheduling software for physicians and medical staff is not only intuitive to use, but also offer assistance in the event that you need it.

These simple conveniences make emergency scheduling a much simple process for all parties. From the administrators creating the schedules to the physicians that need fast access to their schedules and the ability to make changes when life happens. When administrators and physicians are happy, everything in the emergency department runs more efficiently.

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