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Five problems solved by hospitalist scheduling software

Posted on 6/15/2022 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
One of the most challenging tasks for overburdened administrators to oversee is emergency medicine scheduling. From a constant surge of requests for vacation and holidays to the persistent need to ensure there is requisite staffing to withstand patient volume, it can take days to complete the shift scheduling. And that's just one aspect of scheduling for the physician. It gets more complicated when other hospital professionals are added, such as technicians, nurses, pharmacists, and hospitalists.

Notwithstanding, all healthcare organizations face difficulties supervising the staff schedule and making sure all open shifts are filled. When the program is perpetuated proficiently, it helps ensure your hospital runs smoothly and that all patients are taken care of judiciously.

Below are five ways it can be helpful:

1) Posts holiday schedules with plenty of room to spare.

Because there is no time off for occurrences, such as accidents and ailments, even on holidays, its essential to engage the staff of the emergency department in times like these. Physician scheduling software permits you to prep holiday schemes for several times to enable staff to switch, shift, or trade, in accordance with their needs for the holiday season.

2) Simplifies the scheduling process.

Manual scheduling can be time-consuming and exhausting, as can using outdated spreadsheets that lack potent features, like being able to synchronize with multiple network locations automatically. The software manages what human beings will take many hours and days to execute in minutes. This creates free valuable staff time for other important matters to attend to.

3) Schedules with live information.

Once you're ready to post the schedule, it goes live for all people involved. More significantly, it can be synced to different calendars so staff and physicians can observe shift scheduling updates, changes, and reconciliations as they occur and accordingly amend their calendars. This eradicates uncertainty when changes become obligatory and keeps everyone on the same page regarding specific hospital shifts.

4) Encourages flexibility in staff life management

From the ability to trade or give shifts away to the relief of seeking holidays and vacations for other reasons, hospital scheduling software gives absolute control to your providers when it comes to managing their time more efficiently. This is done while ensuring that each shift is fully staffed according to the schedule and providing the flexibility that life demands.

5) It saves more money

Indeed, you may be contemplating paying money for a new software program. Scheduling software calculates labor costs automatically at a regular interval. It could be on a daily or weekly basis, while you're creating the staff schedule, making it easier for you to budget accurately for the year. You'll also be saving countless scheduling hours during the week to concentrate on other essential tasks.


If you are yet to get the services or utilization of hospitalist scheduling software, this is the time to consider all the benefits and relief it can bring to the management and staff.

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