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Five problems that hospital scheduling software solves

Posted on 5/5/2021 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Emergency medicine scheduling is one of the most difficult tasks for overworked administrators to manage. From a steady stream of requests for vacations and days off to the constant need to make sure there are is adequate staffing to meet patient volume, the shift schedule can take days to complete. And that’s just the physician scheduling aspect. When you add in various other hospital professionals, such as hospitalists, nurses, and technicians, it becomes even more complex. This is why hospital scheduling software is so important. These are five ways it can help.

1. Ensures Shifts are Fully Staffed

The last thing you want to deal with is an ER shift in which there is a major shortage of nurses, techs, or physicians on hand. This is particularly the case when a significant trauma occurs bringing in a large influx of patients. This software makes sure that doesn’t happen by planning the shifts according to the parameters you establish.

2. Posts Holiday Schedules with Plenty of Room to Spare

Because accidents and illnesses do not take time off for holidays (in fact, holidays and vacations can increase the number of patients entering a hospital or ER department), it’s important to keep your emergency department fully staffed during these times. Hospital scheduling software allows you to post holiday schedules in plenty of time for staff to shift, barter, or trade according to their needs for the holiday season.

3. Simplifies the Scheduling Process

Hand scheduling can be complex and time-consuming, as can using antiquated spreadsheets that lack robust features, like being able to automatically coordinate with multiple network locations. The software manages in minutes what once took many days to accomplish. This frees up valuable staff time for other matters.

4. Live Scheduling Information

Once you’re ready to publish the schedule, it goes live to all parties involved. More importantly, it can be synced to a variety of calendars so physicians and staff can observe shift scheduling changes, updates, and adjustments as they occur and update their calendars accordingly. This eliminates confusion when changes become necessary and keeps everyone on the same page when it comes to specific hospital shifts.

5. Allows Staff Flexibility in Managing Life

From the ability to split, trade, or give shifts away to the ease of requesting vacation time and time off for other reasons, hospital scheduling software puts a great deal of power back into the hands of your providers when it comes to managing their time more effectively. It does this while ensuring that each shift is fully staffed according to the schedule and allowing for the flexibility that life requires, creating a much happier labor pool for your medical facility.

These are just five quick problems that hospital scheduling software, like Byte Blocs solves for your medical facility. Imagine how many more you might be able to discover along the way. Schedule a Byte Bloc physician scheduling demo today.

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