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Five reasons to implement emergency medicine scheduling software

Posted on 4/29/2015 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Emergency medicine brings with it dealing with crises, deadlines, the need for a range of skills, teamwork, and patients in distress. Physician scheduling in the best of times in a healthcare facility is complex. Add in the mix of crises, multiple members of the team, and life and death situations, emergency medicine scheduling can be more like a Rubik’s Cube without a solution.

In these cases, a healthcare schedule maker gives the schedule manager the ability to factor in the needs of doctors, nurses, and other team members, as well as adequate staffing levels and the regulations of the hospital.

Here is a look at five reasons that emergency medicine scheduling software can make this ongoing, tangled job much easier and more effective.

Work-Life Balance

Doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and other members of the healthcare team need to cover a hospital 24/7/365. If this comes at the cost of their work-life balance, they will be sleep deprived, depressed, and less productive. Patient care will oftentimes be affected.

Using the software, schedules with adequate downtime and consistent shifts can be programmed for each member of the staff. This leads to more efficiency and less turnover.

Save Money by Avoiding Overtime

Juggling staff members to make sure that all the shifts are filled is essential so that patients are well cared for. But it costs money to constantly rely on overtime to meet staffing levels.

With a healthcare schedule maker, you can easily program in vacation days, requests for specific shifts, and time off. You can check the reports produced by the software to see where overtime is extensive and where it is light. This lets you even the balance among staff and even reduce the need for overtime altogether.

Make the Shifts Fair

Sometimes a few members of the team seem to take the burden of overtime and unpopular shifts. With the use of the software, you can check who is working the most hours, who the least and who is taking the worst shifts the most often.

With this information in hand, you can even out the shift load. This improves morale and leads to lower attrition rates.

Make Changes at Any Time

With shift scheduling software, you can make changes at the last minute in response to illness or family needs. The new schedule is immediately available online to everyone, so there is no worries about communication. This means that staffing levels stay adequate and no-shows are at a minimum.

Check the Schedule Anywhere

If a team member can access the internet, she can check her schedule. Instantaneous updates means there are no last minute worries about a shift not getting filled or someone not showing up. The scheduling manager doesn’t need to start calling people in the middle of the night to alert them of changes.

Emergency medicine scheduling software increases the job satisfaction levels of the team, keeps them productive and makes them more efficient. Shifts get filled at all times, day or night, with minimal problems. Patient care is improved while overtime is reduced.

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