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Five reasons to invest in emergency physician scheduling software before the end of the year

Posted on 10/28/2020 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
ER departments are medical specialties with many scheduling challenges because of round-the-clock staffing requirements and high doctor burnout rates. In your ER department's schedule, you need to address things like overcrowding, doctor preferences, staff shortages and patient flow fluctuations. Emergency physician scheduling software can help. Here are five reasons you should invest in physician scheduling software.

1. Saves Labor Time

One of the most crucial elements in hospitals is time, particularly in the ER departments. Within facilities, providers, nurses and other employee members work in a high-stress, face-paced atmosphere. When the schedule is difficult to read and confusing, it can lead to unnecessary pressure and stress on employees. Also, lengthy ER wait times have been shown to cause more adverse events and lower quality of patient care. And, having to decode the schedule can amplify these effects. Shift scheduling software can help physicians focus on their highest priority - their patients.

2. Easy to Use Analysis and Scheduling Software Tools

Emergency medicine scheduling software provides a diverse feature set including analysis tools and schedule creation tools packaged up in a smart interface. You can personalize these features to allow your ER department to manage the scheduling complexities.

3. Saves Money

A physician scheduling program can save your hospital money when you use it. Cost-efficient and effective ER departments are critical to the overall profitability and success of the hospital. Decreasing patient wait times is an essential area for the ER department's cost savings. Improving patient flow through your ER department is a way of speeding up care times and being able to reach physicians for certain cases is an easy way of doing this. It also helps in faster last-minute staffing for your on-call employees by offering updated and accurate contact information.

4. Enhances Employee Productivity

Physicians often work long and irregular shifts that could take a toll on family and friend interactions. By implementing an automated shift scheduling software, it offers physicians the convenience of having their exact schedule ahead of time. Not to mention, physician frustration is reduced since they can access their up-to-date schedule in real-time over the web which results in increased productivity, better performance and improved staff retention.

5. Improves Patient Care

When you can improve your ER scheduling system, it's a commitment to both your patients and your doctors. Adequate ER department scheduling will ensure your patients receive better care while also decreasing your staff's stress levels. And, this can result in more engaged doctors and better department budget use. When all said and done, streamlined workflows and accurate call schedule make for more satisfied doctors which leads to more happy patients.

If you haven’t yet invested in emergency physician scheduling software, like ByteBloc, now just might be one of the best times to do so. Call us today if you have any questions.

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