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Five reasons to invest in provider ER scheduling programs in 2023

Posted on 11/10/2022 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Every hospital experiences challenges with its on-call schedules, most especially in the ER department. For a long time, emergency medicine scheduling has been a delicate process that requires time and patience, and without the right schedule, a lot of hair-pulling and burnout sets in.

Finding and contacting the right physician requires detailed and up-to-date record-keeping. To date, most hospitals use a combination of spreadsheets, printed worksheets, and last-minute notes to cobble together ER schedules. This system eventually creates stress, burnout, and a dissatisfied patient experience. As a result, hospitals need to invest in ER scheduling software in 2023. This emergency medicine software improves physician experience and more.

Why You Need to Invest in Provider ER Scheduling Programs

Some of the standout reasons to use provider ER scheduling programs in 2023 include the below:

1) It saves labor time.

Time is one of the most critical elements in a hospital, especially in the ER departments. The time it will take to manually prepare the schedule can cause a toll on the physicians, just as having confusing and hard-to-read schedules adds to the stress and put unnecessary pressure on the physicians. A provider ER scheduling program can help physicians focus and spend more time on treating patients. It also reduces the time spent creating a schedule on spreadsheets.

2) It creates an automated process.

With a physician scheduling program, shift scheduling, editing, and distribution will be simplified and automated, eliminating redundancy. This means, with the scheduling program, each physician will be able to access the same information whenever they want, and in real-time.

3) It is easy to read and understand.

The ER scheduling program eliminates the need for constant distribution whenever an edit is made to the schedule. Emergency medicine software instead provides a clear and easy-to-read schedule, and also sees changes made to the schedule in real time.

4) It improves patient care and experience.

Fast communication among physicians means effective and better patient care and experience. Because traditional on-call scheduling is prone to inaccurate data, this leads to calling the wrong provider and providing information to the wrong person. Investing in provider ER scheduling software eliminates this and ensures the right physician is called to attend to the patient.

5) It increases physician satisfaction results

Unreliable physician scheduling programs lead to burnout, stress, turnover, and low satisfaction reports. Having an ER scheduling program that physicians can trust is one of the keys to physician satisfaction and a desirable workplace.

6) It saves money

An emergency medicine scheduling software saves money for hospitals, as it reduces wait times, improves the flow of physicians speeds up care times, and boosts overall hospital success and profitability.


Ultimately, it's time to phase out the old shift scheduling system and invest in ER scheduling programs. Making a new years resolution to get this done in 2023 is an excellent goal for the betterment of your organization.

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