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Five reasons to use medical staff scheduling software

Posted on 9/2/2015 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
As the hospital administrator or nurse manager who carries the responsibility of managing shift scheduling within your hospital, the patients and staff under your care rely on you for accurate and adequate scheduling. Physician staffing requires a great attention to detail, and even the smallest mistake or miscommunication can upset the routine within the hospital. Because of this, it is important that you manage emergency medicine scheduling well as a means of guaranteeing your patients receive quality care and leave the hospital satisfied with their experience.

Using a medical scheduling software system is becoming a more popular option among directors and managers responsible for hospital shift scheduling. Managing the schedule of hospital staff is very time consuming and using a hospital staff scheduling software allows for a simpler approach to providing exceptional patient care. There are many reasons you should choose a medical staff scheduling software, including:

1. Automated Schedule Creation

In the past, hospital administrators and nurse managers were accustomed to performing physician scheduling by hand or within a self-created spreadsheet. Through the use of medical staff scheduling software, they can streamline the process. The software creates a schedule automatically, taking in to account the individual needs of each staff member.

2. Staff Members Can Input Requests

For those in charge of emergency medicine scheduling, one of the biggest headaches may be tracking each staff member’s individual preferences. One physician may have a PTO request in, while the other prefers not to work Wednesdays. Shift scheduling software relieves the manager of the responsibility of tracking each request, physicians can input each request and that request is then used as part of the process of creating the schedule. This also allows managers a level of control since time of requests can be blocked out if staffing is low on a particular day.

3. Access From Any WiFi Capable Device

Many physicians juggle both hospital rotations and a private practice, because of this they stay incredibly busy during their work days. Being able to access their schedule from any WiFi capable device such as a smartphone or tablet, makes it incredibly convenient to keep staff up-to-date on scheduling and communicate any last many changes.

4. Link with Payroll System

Most competitive medical staff scheduling software systems allow managers to track their employees time on the clock. This software can be linked with the payroll system, allowing for fast and accurate payment of employees.

5. Split Shift Capabilities

Sometimes physicians need to or want to split shifts. The splitting of shifts is an extremely useful feature of medical scheduling software that allows you to divide a shift between two or more providers.

Using shift scheduling software can be the key to being more productive and efficient in your roles as a nurse manager or scheduling administrator. Don’t neglect to take advantage of the convenience a scheduling software can provide you; now is the time to learn more about implementing a medical staff scheduling software within your healthcare system.

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