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Five reasons you need nurse scheduling software

Posted on 1/4/2017 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
When your hospital department has large numbers of patients to care for, as well as lots of staff to manage, scheduling can be extremely time-consuming and difficult. It can often take many hours or even days to get it right. Scheduling is crucial as it impacts upon the lives of everyone on your nursing team, and even affects your ability to both attract and retain good workers.

Good scheduling must be both sensitive and fair, in addition to being accurate and carried out as rapidly as possible. Fortunately, this is where nurse scheduling software comes to the rescue. Take a look at these five reasons you need it.

It saves time. As we touched on already, sitting down at a desk and planning a schedule that takes everyone’s availability, vacations, and preferences into account is an incredibly difficult task. It takes a lot of time as well as communications and planning. Nurse and physician scheduling, as well as taking all the other various staff and support workers into consideration can be tedious, yet crucial. Through using scheduling software, you can cut down hours of work into minutes.

It allows you to fill shifts accurately and rapidly. Another time-saving aspect of emergency medicine scheduling software is that you can quickly ensure every job is filled by an individual who is correctly qualified.

It enables you to manage shift scheduling. Shift scheduling software provides you with the ability to manage complex scheduling over multiple locations from just the one place. A bonus is that you can therefore avoid double booking members of staff across your locations or during shifts.

It streamlines communications. Rather than having to sit at your desk phoning around to see which nurses are available and when, or to advise staff members on a change of location, shift time, etc., you can remain constantly connected via text, notifications and alerts about updates, and new shifts.

It stops staff becoming frustrated. Anyone who’s ever been responsible for creating a work schedule will know that they’re the source of many a staff disagreements. Scheduling software actively identifies imbalances in work distribution as well as suggesting fixes. As a result, staff work fairly and your scheduling is backed up by solid data.

Nurse scheduling software is very easy to implement and user friendly. It includes everything you need to communicate with your staff efficiently and quickly, and saves a great deal of time and energy that can be better spent elsewhere.

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