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Five things to consider when shopping for emergency room physician scheduling software

Posted on 10/26/2016 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
When you are responsible for scheduling doctors and nurses in an emergency room of a hospital, you know one of the biggest problems is making sure you have enough staff. You need to ensure that the emergency room is covered so that patients are not waiting too long, but also so the physicians who are there are not working extra-long shifts just to cover those who aren’t.

One great way to manage their schedules is with emergency room physician scheduling software. The following tips provide information on what to look for when choosing this type of software.

1. The Ability to Customize the Software

While many of these scheduling software programs are similar, one thing that can make one stand out is its customization. It is important to be able to customize the different aspects and features of emergency room physician scheduling software to fit your needs.. Make sure you can customize all the important requirements of your organization and schedule, and that it is easy and straightforward to do so.

2. Proper Tracking Over Time

The physician scheduling software program you use in the emergency room should not only provide schedules, but also have the feature to keep track of them over time. One of the benefits to using scheduling software is that you can look back at previous weeks and months to see which nurses and doctors were working so you can keep them on a good rotation. This helps to know when a nurse is due for time off or when a doctor has worked considerably more hours than another doctor. The tracking can also be used a reference when preparing payroll.

3. Everyone Has Remote Access

It should be quick and easy for any of your physician to check the software program from their mobile device or computer and know what his or her schedule is. This can take all the errors, miscommunication, and forgotten scheduled days out of the mix. No longer will you have staff running in late because they forgot they had to work or someone not coming in at all, who then has to be called in because they had no idea they worked that day. They should be able to check and confirm their schedules with their mobile device from anywhere.

4. Changes Can Be Made to the Schedule

Emergency medicine scheduling programs should also have the ability to make last-minute changes as needed. The schedule you make is not always going to stay the same, but old programs make it difficult to adjust and inform people of the changes. The new programs allow you to make the changes and send alerts to staff so they know what the changes are right away.

5. The Scheduling Can Be done For Multiple Hospitals

If you live in a big city, there are probably multiple hospitals or medical centers with emergency rooms. You should be able to schedule physicians that work at more than one hospital and do it with ease. The better software programs do allow you to select different hospitals and work on the physician’s shifts so that everything is covered properly.

As long as you look for these important components, your shift scheduling software program should work very well for your emergency room.

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