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Five ways to optimize your physician scheduler for efficiency

Posted on 9/21/2016 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
If you want your medical office to run efficiently, physician scheduling software is highly recommended. It allows you to do everything from finding medical professionals last minute that are available when someone calls in sick to managing schedules over multiple locations. Here are some tips for optimizing the scheduler.

Utilize Mobile Scheduling Access

One excellent way to get more efficiency from your physician scheduling program is to take full advantage of its mobile access. Your emergency scheduling or medical scheduling program typically includes mobile access so that you can schedule your physicians from any device. You are no longer restricted to only being in the office to use this program, which can really be a burden when someone calls off after hours and you need to get to the schedule right away. With mobile access, you are able to keep up with the schedule no matter where you are.

Provide Better Flexibility For Scheduling

Another excellent feature is the ability to work around shift scheduling and really focus on flexibility. In order to optimize the scheduler, use it to handle things like vacation requests and time off for personal reasons. You can use this scheduler to adjust physician’s shifts based on someone who will be out, even with advanced notice. For example, if a physician is going to be out on paternity leave, you can schedule other physicians around the time off easily and effectively. It also allows you to mix up the shifts of your physicians so you can better track overtime and monitor physician burnout.

Spread Out the Schedules For Holidays and Weekends

Not everyone wants to work a holiday, weekend, or overnight shift, but it is often required. Use the scheduler to make sure there isn’t one or two physicians that always work these undesirable shifts or that one person always seems to have them off. You want to distribute these shifts evenly among all physicians and support staff so that everyone does their part in covering the less favorable working days and times. The scheduler lets you easily track who is working when, as well as looking at who has not worked a weekend or holiday in a while and should be scheduled for one next.

Use the Instant Communication Features

There may also come a time when you need to use the communication feature of the program, such as for emergency medicine scheduling. Things will come up that affect the schedule you had planned out, and you need a way to let physicians know right away when their shift is going to change. Many of the newer scheduling programs offer instant messaging so you can easily communicate the changes.

Have Schedules For Different Locations

If your medical practice has more than one location, definitely use the scheduler to make sure every location is covered properly. It makes it easy to look at the different locations regularly and make sure the appropriate number of physician and medical staff are covering them during operating hours.

Use all of the special features that your scheduler has to offer and you will be able to benefit the most from it.

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