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Five ways your practice can benefit from physician assistant scheduling software

Posted on 10/20/2021 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Seeking a career as a physician assistant? Consider yourself lucky. It's looking good for you at the moment.

Indeed, the employment of physician assistants is expected to expand 31 percent from 2019 to 2029, substantially faster than the national average. Physician assistants will be needed to care for patients as the demand for healthcare services develops.

The substantial increase in PA job outlook numbers is due to an overburdened healthcare system that needs assistance as a result of an aging society. A large segment of our community, the baby boomers, is set to overload the healthcare industry, leaving many hospitals and doctors' offices in need of PA support.

On average, throughout the next decade, there will be about 12,200 jobs for physician assistants. Many of those openings are likely to be created as a result of the need to replace workers who shift to alternative occupations or leave the labor force for other reasons, such as retirement.

A master's degree from a recognized educational program is normally required for physician assistants. Physician assistants must be licensed in all states. Physician assistants collaborate with doctors, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals to practice medicine. Physician assistants work in doctor's offices, hospitals, outpatient clinics, and other medical settings. The majority work full-time.

Below are five ways your practice can benefit from the use of physician assistant scheduling software, especially with regards to emergency medicine scheduling:

1. Increases patient satisfaction

When you have unfilled shifts on your calendar, patients have to wait for doctors to visit them, and they don't get the excellent care they need and deserve. The use of physician scheduling software can help keep your schedules completely occupied at all times in order to keep your patients satisfied and adequately cared for.

2. Provides PAs with the ability to request time off.

Your physician assistants can promptly let you know what their availability is online with physician assistant scheduling software. It's now easier for them to request time off, vacation days and confirm their availability to work specific shifts before you ever sit down to fill up the calendar. Very helpful for physician scheduling, huh?

3. Allows PAs to have a better work-life balance.

PAs put in long hours at work. Their shifts may feel longer due to erratic scheduling. It can also generate dissatisfaction and unhappiness in their personal life and at work, offering distractions while they work.

Shift scheduling software can assist in keeping scheduled hour or day rotations consistent so that PAs can fit their personal lives into. Without this capacity, you may see a higher turnover rate among PAs than you planned.

4. Facilitates schedule changes

Physician assistant scheduling software enables PAs, doctors, and other employees to offer, swap, and accept shift changes without your involvement. When urgent care is needed, replacements can be easily sought for and done.

5. Allows for remote scheduling

Scheduling software automatically posts schedules online, ensuring that your PAs always have access to the schedule. It even gives fast updates whenever a modification is made and notifies all of these changes.


So, are you convinced you need physician assistant scheduling software? Taking steps to get one today can help ensure that these benefits are accrued to your organization. Everyone is profiting from this strategy, and you should too.

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