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Four benefits of implementing a multi-location physician scheduling program

Posted on 4/19/2017 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Physician scheduling can be a complex task in any emergency department, hospital, or healthcare facility. That task becomes even more difficult when the healthcare facility spans across multiple locations, whether they are in the same town, city, or state. These are just four of the benefits a quality physician scheduling program has to offer your multi-location medical facility.

1) Enables Physicians to Request Time off

With physician scheduling software, physicians can now easily indicate online their availability. It's simpler for them to request time off, vacation days and also confirm their availability for specific shifts before you even create the schedule.

Creating a schedule can take hours and in the event that a vacation request gets lost, you have to start all over again with the schedule, which can be very frustrating and time-consuming. This is no longer an issue with shift scheduling software.

2) Shift Trading

Physician scheduling software provides doctors with the opportunity to trade or split shifts online. In some cases, after you have created the schedule, you may have a physician who needs to trade their shift with another physician because something has come up. Or, they may need to take only a few hours off of their scheduled shift.

You can't control events that happen in people's lives, but you can make the schedule rearranging process easier with physician scheduling software since the doctors can go online and swap shifts themselves without involving you. This is especially important in multi-location health networks and for emergency medicine scheduling.

3) Customize the Schedule

Schedule customization is important, especially in a busy medical environment where a lot is going on. With this software you can now automatically customize the schedule with things like:

- Live and up-to-date mobile and online schedules
- Maintain an accurate live schedule at all times
- Provide staff with personalized 24/7 live schedules both online and mobile
- Coordinate multiple location providers' schedules
- Send automatic notifications of a published schedule
- Send reminders through text messaging and email

These are only some of the ways you can customize your physician schedules in a multi-location healthcare environment.

4) Customize your Facility's Needs

In addition to customizing your schedule, you can also customize the needs of your medical facility. With physician scheduling software you can run your busy facility smoothly while meeting the needs of your entire medical facility. You have a great deal of customized scheduling options at your disposal, such as changing the hours, parameters, number of staff members, days and requirements of your facility. There are many benefits of shift scheduling software allowing you to run an organized and effective medical operation.

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