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Four key benefits of using emergency room physician scheduling software during a pandemic

Posted on 8/5/2020 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

In the U.S., much about life has changed due to the pandemic the world is facing, but some things haven't changed. If you're experiencing a health crisis, like experiencing concerning COVID-19 symptoms, a serious injury, or a heart attack or potential stroke, you go to the hospital.

And, you can expect emergency departments to be open and ready like always to handle life-threatening emergencies. Today, however, with the spread of the virus, emergency departments are requiring all hands on deck more so than ever before. This is where implementing emergency medicine scheduling software can help ensure your facility is properly staffed at all times. Here are four benefits of using this type of software during a pandemic.

1. Saves Time

If your hospital continues to use a combination of phone calls, voicemails, faxes and emails to combine your schedules into a Word document, spreadsheet or hand-written paper for the on-call schedule, you're wasting money and time. Using physician scheduling software for your ER department can save you hours of administrative time.

With this software, you can easily create your on-call schedule up to a year in advance and you can access the schedule from any mobile device or web browser. Plus, you can set the software up to deliver text and email notifications regarding any changes to the schedule.

2. Scheduling Efficiency During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Each day, new, heartbreaking proof of how COVID-19 is testing the U.S. healthcare system appears. Even though healthcare workers on the frontline are working heroically under extreme pressure, when you're in charge of scheduling these physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers, you're also feeling the stress of it all. It's important you have the right tools to adapt to this rapid change the pandemic is bringing on.

Nationwide, hospitals are ramping up staffing in light of COVID-19 and their anticipation of a surge of patients. And, as the case numbers of COVID-19 patients continue rising, there's a higher demand for:

• Doctors
• Nurses
• Frontline healthcare workers
• Respiratory therapists

To ensure proper coverage and streamline shift scheduling during this COVID-19 pandemic, many healthcare systems are taking total advantage of the benefits of physician scheduling software.

3. Improves Staff Productivity

Doctors often work irregular, long shifts, which can really take a toll on their interactions with their family and friends. When you're using automated shift scheduling software, it offers your doctors the luxury of knowing when they're scheduled to work. Plus, they can access their schedules online from anywhere they have an internet connection and the schedule is updated in real-time which reduces physician frustration. This will result in:

• Better performance
• Increased productivity
• Improved staff retention

4. Fewer Mistakes

An ever-evolving schedule of personnel, together with capacity fluctuations demand an automated, robust scheduling solution. Once you implement it, automated scheduling will enable real-time updates and authorized users can view schedules within or outside of your hospital using their desktop or mobile device. This results in fewer mistakes, less confusion, and healthcare workers that can focus more on saving the lives of people battling COVID-19 instead of on their schedules.

If you haven't looked into emergency room physician scheduling software before, now is the time to do so to reap its benefits for your organization, physicians, and patients.

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