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Four reasons its time to replace antiquated spreadsheet schedules for medical scheduling software

Posted on 12/5/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Operating a medical facility is far from an easy job. In fact, you’re responsible for ensuring that patient demand is met as well as the needs of your team. Perhaps the most stressful part of managing a hospital or doctor’s office is the process of scheduling the medical staff.
This can be a time-consuming task for the scheduling manager since they have to process a request for time off, adhere to scheduling policies all while ensuring that there are enough medical providers on each shift. The scheduler must also take into account physician burnout which is often an ever-present reality in many medical practices, hospitals and emergency departments.

Medical scheduling software can streamline this process allowing you to focus on other operational tasks.

Does your facility still rely on spreadsheets based schedules? Well, it’s time to get with the times. Here are four reasons why investing in a quality physician scheduling software is not only beneficial but imperative.

1. Real-Time Schedule Access

Tired of tracking employees down to make sure that they have their copy of the schedule for the upcoming week? Shift scheduling software allows employees to view their schedule at any time from anywhere through the online interface. Yes, medical providers will be able to view their schedule from their smartphones or another electronic device, which today is rather a necessity. This is a surefire way to ensure that everyone sees the schedule and knows what shifts they are scheduled for.

2. Automate Shift Changes

Oftentimes, request for days off can get lost in the mix, especially if your employees are required to fill out a request form days in advance. Emails and other electronic messages can also get lost in translation. However, an emergency medicine scheduling application allows for employees to easily submit requests for days off and even swap shifts with one another with just a single click.

3. Track Employee Time

Tracking when each employee clocks in for work and clocks back out at the end of a shift is very important. Intentional and unintentional time theft can be costing your facility several thousands of dollars a month. Physician scheduling software also has employee tracking capabilities. Depending on the application it can be driven through facial recognition or by entering an employee id.

4. Communication Tool

Managers and scheduling coordinators can use medical scheduling software to communicate important information with their team. They will be able to address vacation and holiday scheduling options, as well as take callouts from the interface and quickly reallocate for employee sick days.

Spreadsheet scheduling is a thing of the past. Technological advances allow managers to improve the workflow of their operation, which ultimately saves time and money and can increase physician and patient satisfaction.

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