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Four ways to improve your ER doctor schedule

Posted on 10/24/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Ensuring the smooth operation of a medical facility can be overwhelming especially when you're in charge of the emergency department. From making decisions that can alter the quality of a patient’s life to constantly attending to the needs of each patient that comes to the emergency department having a good schedule can make a huge difference. Whether you have years of emergency medicine scheduling there is always room for improvement in your ER schedule.

Check out these six ways you can improve your facility’s ER physician schedule.

1. Automate the Shift Scheduling Process

Consider investing in a quality emergency medicine scheduling software. Yes, this type of software can automate the scheduling process which will make your job much easier and allows you to focus on other aspects of running the emergency department.

Physician scheduling software allows you to easily distribute weekly schedules to physicians through an online platform, easily process time off requests and your team can even request additional shifts through this interface.

2. Take Into Account Scheduling Preferences

Having a work-life balance is important to medical providers. Therefore, when distributing shifts it’s important to make sure your employees are provided with a couple days off.

In addition, taking into account physician’s scheduling preferences is important for employee retention and productivity. For example, some doctors prefer, not to work more than three consecutive night shifts or rather have two days off back to back. Realistically, you won’t be able to accommodate every physician preferences but taking turns each week can ensure that your staff’s needs are acknowledged.

3. Plan for High Volume

Of course, there are specific days and hours when you know the emergency department will experience a high influx of patients. It’s important to plan for these moments to help reduce stress and take some of the load off of your physicians.

Scheduling extra physicians on the busiest days during the week can make a big difference.

Also, altering the shift switch off routine so that you have additional help during specific times can ensure that you have a good physician to patient ratio, which ultimately increases patient satisfaction.

4. Keep In Mind Physician Burnout

Physician burnout is a real thing. It results in a physician losing a loss of enjoyment in their work, as well as their job satisfaction. It can affect a medical provider’s ability to practice at their highest and most competent level. A study conducted in 2016 indicated the physician burnout was on the increase.

Using scheduling software to streamline scheduling efforts to ensure that each doctor has time off can help with physician burnout. In addition, it’s important to schedule breaks throughout the workday.

By using emergency medicine software, taking steps to reduce physician burnout, planning for high volume, and taking into account scheduling preferences, you can not only improve your ER doctor schedule, but advance the efficiencies of your emergency department and step up your quality patient care.

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