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Here is what you are missing If you are not using ER physician scheduling

Posted on 6/7/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

An ER department is a highly complex and challenging medical specialty when it comes to physician scheduling due to 24/7 staffing requirements and high clinician burnout rates. When creating the schedule, you need to account for things like: 

- Patient flow fluctuations
- Physician preferences
- Staff shortages
- Overcrowding
- Physician vacations and requests for time off

Emergency medicine scheduling software can help you handle the high pressures of your emergency department scheduling environment. This software eliminates the struggle in the process of schedule creation and helps you create quick, accurate and fair schedules.

Unlike manual ER scheduling, software is fully interactive and web-based. Your ER physicians can manage switches, requests, holidays and vacations in real-time. The software automatically populates an error-free schedule under your group’s customs, rules and policies. It distributes shifts fairly and makes it simple to balance your physicians’ individual preferences and requirements.

Benefits of ER Physician Scheduling Software

If you're not implementing shift scheduling software, you're missing out on an array of benefits, including:

Saves Time

ER scheduling is a tedious process. With numerous options and considerations, it can take hours to complete the task, consuming a lot of your day. By using physician scheduling software, you'll eliminate this tedious work so you can focus on other important things.

Ensures Fairness

Each schedule period, you can limit the number of nights, weekends and other shifts you normally assign to your providers.

Helps with Shortages

In circumstances where you don't have an adequate number of providers to cover the schedule, ER physician scheduling software analyzes staff availability and evaluates the best possible options. This sees you through complicated circumstances with low stress.

Provides for Schedule Automation

You can configure emergency medicine scheduling software to meet the individualized rules of your group. This includes:

- Assignment restrictions and correlations
- Staff availability
- Specialization needs
- Scheduling targets
- Scheduling priorities

You'll have access to advanced reports and tools to validate schedule fairness before you publish it.

Helps to Deal with Last Minute Changes

Emergency rooms can go from being relatively quiet to ultra-busy in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. ER physician scheduling enables emergency room departments the flexibility to react and respond to quickly to frequent or unforeseen schedule changes. The software can use email, text messaging and the internet to establish and ensure clear communication. This ensures schedule changes are not just resolved rapidly, but also in an adequate and fair manner.

When you decide to improve your ER scheduling process, you're making a commitment to your providers and patients. Adequate scheduling improves patient care through sufficient coverage with more motivated and better-rested physicians — all on an effective shift scheduling budget.

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