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Hospital staff scheduling software for anesthesiologists

Posted on 2/19/2020 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

The anesthesiology department is a fast-paced and complex environment requiring a powerful shift scheduling software. It consists of doctors, CRNAs, residents and fellows, often at various locations and facilities. The department requires a streamlined and efficient way of tracking things like incentive pay, credentials, and managing the risk of overtime.

There are various things to take into consideration when you're building your physician's schedules including:

- Staffing quotas
- Call stacks
- Preferences
- Out order
- Call equity

This is why it's important you have an automated system in place to help manage a fair and efficient scheduling process.

Benefits for Anesthesiology Physician Scheduling

Some key benefits of hospital staff scheduling software are:

1. Saves Time

Preparing a schedule is a complicated distraction. You have hundreds of options and dozens of considerations, which can easily take up hours of your time. Emergency medicine scheduling software eliminates the complexities and allows you to quickly and confidently produce a fair schedule.

2. Automatically Create Schedules that Adapt to Change

With scheduling software, you no longer need to manually rework changes into the schedule every time a physician requests time off or a surgery is cancelled. Now, the physician scheduling software can do this for you automatically based on your unique parameters.

3. Mobile Access

Shift scheduling software provides a mobile application, providing you and your staff instant access to the schedule on a smartphone or tablet. You can view the schedule, see who's working, make requests and even sync the schedule with your device calendar to maintain an updated schedule. You'll be able to make changes on-the-go.

4. Automated Vacation Scheduling

In order to create the vacation schedule, you need to know exactly how many physicians are away every day. When you work in a cross-functional group with a variety of different specialties, this task can become much more complicated. Hospital staff scheduling software enables everyone to see who's available in real-time. Scheduling then becomes easier and free of frustration and errors.

5. Ensuring Proper Staffing

With an automated scheduling program, you can make sure you have sufficient staff across all specialties (i.e. pediatrics, cardiac, etc.) each day. This is paramount to providing quality patient care day-in and day-out.

6. Handle Last Minute Changes

In the anesthesiology department, unexpected changes are a reality. With an automated scheduling solution, you can allow your doctors to swap, trade, split assignments or make other changes automatically and without errors. Plus, you’re notified in real-time of these changes so you can respond right away if needed.

If you’re currently using antiquated methods for your anesthesiology department scheduling, it’s time carefully review of the benefits that hospital staff scheduling software offers. 2020 ushered in a new decade, and it’s a great time to upgrade your scheduling method.

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