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Hospitalist scheduling program provides flexibility and ease of use

Posted on 7/8/2014 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Flexibility is one of the greatest challenges facing hospitalist scheduling coordinators these days. With some emergency medicine schedules written months ahead of time, it can become quite difficult to work all the requested time off, shift preferences, trades, and vacation days into the schedule. That’s not even including compliance requirements for interns and residents.

The act of writing the list of all the considerations alone is exhausting. Figuring out how to make all the moving pieces work together to deliver adequate shift coverage for all responsibilities is an even bigger challenge.

That’s where scheduling software comes into the picture. An effective hospitalist scheduling program takes all the heavy lifting out of the planning process so that all shifts are covered with little, if any, “scheduled” overtime among hospital doctors.

Here’s where it gets really good!

The best shift scheduling programs on the market today allow for medical personnel to switch shifts when necessary. This seems like such a small thing, but it’s really big news for hospitalists who’ve dealt with frustrating shift changes and requirements in the past. Plus, it helps to create a greatly improved work-life balance for all parties.

The best news is that these emergency medicine scheduling shift changes can be made in a matter of minutes – with a few clicks of the keys. No mess. No fuss.

All you need to do to put hospitalists in the driver’s seats, to some degree, of their own schedule changes, is to do the following.
  • Create your own parameters for shift trades.
  • Add the requirements to the hospitalist scheduling program software.
  • Allow your medical staff to make the changes they need as they need them.
You’ll be happier and so will the hospitalist who keep your facility running.

Benefits of using a Hospitalist Scheduling Program

Life happens. Some things simply can’t be planned months in advance in order to ask for the appropriate time off. Flexibility is a requirement in the modern workplace, unless you plan to have robots do the work for you.

Whether you’re hospitalists have personal illnesses, family emergencies, family celebrations, or other life events that occur or they simply need a break from the stress of life and death situations day in and out, the ability to give them a little additional flexibility in their schedules will make your medical facility a winner to work for in their books.

Small steps like offering the benefits of scheduling software as an integral part of the hospitalist scheduling program matter. It also accomplishes all the following for your facility.
  • Improves employee loyalty.
  • Reduces turnover due to quality of life issues.
  • Helps to reduce unscheduled absenteeism.
These are all big wins for the medical facilities that employ them.

The bottom line is that some hospitalists like the idea of working for seven solid days in order to get seven solid days off while others prefer shorter shifts and more days.

It can be a huge headache for scheduling purposes, but the right hospitalist scheduling program can keep all the shift preferences, work hours, and other requirements under control for you. This frees your time for equally important administrative tasks while providing all the other benefits shift scheduling software is famous for.

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