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How a healthcare schedule maker can help you manage physician shortages

Posted on 9/28/2022 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Many people left their employment due to burnout, stress, and anxiety. Unfortunately, the resignations have made things more challenging for the surviving employees. The remaining staff members feel stressed and burdened, which makes them want to change companies.

When your business is understaffed, productivity suffers, and if your clients aren't happy, your business will also suffer!

Although it is nothing new, the threat of a physician shortage seems to have gained momentum recently. By 2030, according to recent AAMC data, there may be up to 124,000 fewer doctors than there are currently.

The good news is that this remedy is currently accessible. Access to hidden capacity in our modern health system is made possible by several technologically supported solutions.

Physician scheduling tools improve patient safety and physician engagement scores while reducing physician shortages and fatigue. They also allow users greater freedom and control over their schedules.

Physician scheduling software makes work schedules more flexible, which could boost physician engagement and address the scarcity of medical professionals. Researchers discovered that by using shift scheduling software, it was possible to give physicians greater flexibility and predictability, increase the number of vacation days awarded, and decrease the number of ungranted vacation days.

How Healthcare Schedule Maker Can Help Reduce Physician Shortages

Here are four ways physician scheduling might effectively aid medical facilities and other businesses in reducing physician shortages.

1) Provides enhanced scheduling effectiveness.

Healthcare schedule makers can manage limited resources by methodically building and filling out provider schedules and administrative responsibilities. For even more effectiveness, it's wise to send out automated text message appointment reminders to patients with the option to confirm their appointment or notify the healthcare facility that they need to reschedule, allowing the facility time to find another patient to take the open spot.

2) Creates a backup strategy to guarantee that shifts are covered.

There will be times when staff members cannot work their assigned shift for the day, prompting physicians to hustle to find replacements immediately, even if you have an excellent emergency medicine scheduling system.

To combat this, ask staff to confirm their assigned shifts as soon as possible. As a result, you can foresee the requirement for a backup rotating roster to guarantee that all shifts are filled, and productivity targets are met.

3) Provides online access to schedules.

Provide easy access to the schedule for your staff members through web and mobile access. Publicizing your schedule fosters accountability and guarantees that everyone has access to it. You may even communicate with your team about schedule updates and changes using self-service notifications and messaging.

4) Offers rationalized workflows.

Time-consuming administrative procedures that can be readily replaced by automation include checking patient information and phoning patients to confirm appointments. Automation tools can speed up and accurately automate laborious activities. Additionally, by automating communication workflows like patient appointment reminders, care teams can increase the number of patients they can reach. This frees up more time for staff and clinicians to engage in more lucrative activities. This can lessen the pressure caused by a physician or resource shortfall at your office.


A robust healthcare schedule maker like ByteBloc provides an immediate answer to the physician shortage problem by boosting physician productivity and capacity.

With the appropriate technology, you'll be able to increase team productivity, patient satisfaction, and practice profitability. If you wish to improve shift scheduling and emergency in the face of staffing shortages, shift, and emergency medicine scheduling, software is the way to go.

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