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How a medical scheduling program empowers physicians and hospitals

Posted on 9/11/2014 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Physician scheduling is a constant struggle in many hospitals and healthcare facilities. It is necessary to have adequate physician coverage on any given shift and at any given time. Unfortunately, most hospitals and similar facilities are large and unwieldy when it comes to shift scheduling.

Problems with the schedule can make hospitals and physicians feel more than a little chained to the cumbersome scheduling process. There is a better way, though, in the form of shift and emergency medicine scheduling software.

How are Physicians Empowered by Staff Scheduling Software?

Physicians have busy lives. In addition to a healthy workload of hospital duties, many physicians also have private practices and patients as well as families of their own. It can make tremors along the scheduling fault line to feel more like full blown volcanic eruptions instead. Getting the scheduling under control leads to greater job satisfaction and empowers physicians in the following ways and more.

  • Automates the shfit and vacation requests and trade process.
  • Distributes on-call shifts equally and fairly.
  • Places greater control of their own schedules in the hands of physicians.
  • Reduces overtime hours and the fatigue that goes along with too many long shifts in a week.
  • Creates better balance between hospital duties, private practice, and family life.
  • Hospital Benefits for Making the Switch to Electronic Shift Scheduling

Whether you’re bogged down by administering emergency medicine scheduling or getting lost in the details of maintaining proper scheduling practices hospital wide, staff scheduling software helps you get control of the staff scheduling process so that you can turn your time, attention, and talents to more profitable pursuits for your healthcare facility. These are just a few of the ways hospitals become empowered through the use of a medical scheduling program and software to schedule shifts.

  • Fewer overtime hours. These hours are unnecessary budget busters that the right scheduling software can all but eliminate in many facilities.
  • Lower rate of absenteeism. Physicians, nurses, and other professionals who feel that they have some degree of control over their schedules are happier and that will result in fewer missed days from work.
  • Better engagement among physicians. If physicians aren’t constantly worried about their schedules, they are more engaged in what they are doing with the patients in their care.
  • Adequate staffing to meet hospital or healthcare facility needs at all times. This includes on-call personnel who are ready to come in at a moment’s notice is someone is unable to come to work.
  • Less labor involved In creating, rearranging, and maintaining schedules for busy emergency medicine administrators.
  • Automates the reporting process when it comes to hours reported to accreditation boards, unions, etc. It also notifies staff instantly if there are changes in the schedule so you don’t have to.

Software can help you manage your physician scheduling needs and so much more in order to empower your team and your facility with dominance over the entire scheduling process once and for all. Try it today and see what a difference it makes for your practice.

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