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How a physician schedule maker makes ER staff scheduling easier

Posted on 2/7/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

When you work in the healthcare field, working holidays, overnight shifts and long hours is expected. And, being the physician schedule manager, it's challenging to meet the needs of both patients and your staff. You want to ensure high-quality patient care but you also don't want to burn your physicians out.

Thankfully, with a physician schedule maker, you can now streamline this laborious task which makes your job so much simpler. An organized schedule means better patient care and less overtime.

Benefits of Shift Scheduling Maker

Emergency medicine scheduling software will also improve staff productivity. Physicians won't need to rely on making a phone call to swap a shift or request time off. They now have the ability to do this through an online portal. Some additional benefits of a shift scheduling maker are as follows.

Create the Schedule with the Click of Your Mouse

You no longer need a pencil and paper to create the schedule. Now, all it takes is your mouse to schedule the entire staff. Make modifications, save changes, make schedules based off your employees' availability and more.

Review Schedules Online or Via Cell Phone Easily

Physician scheduling software allows healthcare staff to review their schedules online easily when they've asked for time off or swapped shifts without having to call you. You and your physicians are able to view and manage schedules via a mobile physician scheduling app. As a scheduling manager, you can view scheduling request via your phone and physicians can use the app to make their scheduling requests.

Request Shift Changes Electronically

Doctors, nurses and other staff can go online to request changes. It’s now done all electronically. This online schedule maker will help you keep employees on call around the clock efficiently to ensure emergency situations are handled quickly. You can reach physicians within minutes electronically when needed, even if they're not working that day.

Comply with Overtime Policies and Laws

Use a shift schedule maker to regulate overtime hours. It cuts back on unapproved overtime and can even prohibit staff from making changes to their shifts that will put them in overtime without permission.

Communicate with Employees Easily

Whether you're posting a public message or sending email, you now can connect with staff conveniently in numerous ways.

Other benefits of an emergency medicine schedule maker include:

- Coordinate schedules simultaneously across all locations
- Print schedules that have a calendar appearance
- Payroll support for rate variations and categories
- Customize the fonts, pages and print layout
- Customize summary statistics by providers or sites

Forget the bothersome phone calls. With physician scheduling software, you now have self-service features at your disposal. Employees can handle their own shift changes freeing up your time and quieting your phone. It just makes your job more effective and easier.

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