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How a physician scheduling program helps provide better healthcare

Posted on 8/17/2016 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Being in charge of physician scheduling is no easy task. Between having to ensure you are meeting the needs of the patients and the preferences of the doctors, a scheduling manager has a lot to juggle.

Fortunately, there is a much easier and more effective way to generate schedules than with the old paper and pencil method. How? – With shift scheduling software.

Physician scheduling programs are cloud-based tools that allow scheduling managers to create, post, make changes to and keep tabs on schedules. These programs really simplify the task of emergency medicine scheduling, not only making the job of the scheduling manager easier, but also improving healthcare, overall.

Ensures Proper Staffing

Without a doubt, one of the biggest benefits of emergency medicine scheduling software is its ability to ensure proper staffing.

Managing requests for time off and sick days, along with the fluctuations in the amount of patients, can make it virtually impossible to ensure that a hospital’s emergency room is properly staffed. A poorly staffed emergency room means a reduction in patient care. Thanks to scheduling software, a scheduling manager can create more effective schedules, which greatly improves patient care. Why? – Because the right amount of doctors = better patient care.

Reduces Wait Times

When an emergency room is properly staffed, wait times are greatly reduced.

Longer wait times not only means an increased opportunity for the conditions of patients to worsen, but it also means a greater likelihood in aggravated patients. The quicker patients are seen by a doctor, the faster they receive necessary medical treatment; not to mention the fact that they are less frustrated (and frustration can further aggravate a medical condition.)

Reduces Compliance Risk

Scheduling software allows scheduling managers to ensure that rules and policies are consistently applied and with automated enforcement. This means that there is less complains risk for hospitals because the scheduling needs of the hospital are better met.

Improves Productivity in the Workplace

When the proper number of doctors are staffed, improved productivity is the result.

When there are too many doctors scheduled, productivity may falter; likewise, when there are too few doctors scheduled, productivity can be negatively impacted because there are too many things that need to be attended to.

Scheduling software ensures that the right amount of doctors are scheduled, thus improving productivity and patient care.

Easier and Faster Scheduling

Instead of spending hours poring over a single schedule, shift scheduling software makes the job of creating a schedule faster and easier.

Scheduling managers can view requests for time off, shift swaps, past schedules – and more – at a glance. This means that schedules can be created quickly and easily, and they are more accurate than ever before!

Saves Money

Scheduling software can save a great deal of money by reducing the need to pay overtime. When less money is spent on payroll, more money can be put into the hospital. When more money is spent on supplies and tools for patients, better health care is the result.

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