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How healthcare heroes benefit from medical scheduling software

Posted on 1/27/2021 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

While COVID-19 continues impacting the entire world, the incredible healthcare heroes out there have risen to the challenge of high-quality patient care and improving lives each day. Regardless if it's a doctor, nurse, therapist, hospitalist, pharmacist, admissions staff, or any other one of the various providers who do their part in a hospital, ambulatory care center, or another facility, they're all impacting lives.

Hospitals, especially, need to adapt to survive and those who lead the different departments know the importance of a strong physician scheduling system that only shift scheduling software can help keep organized and effective.

During these times especially, it's vital the emergency medicine scheduling system stays organized and efficient. Scheduling software helps transform your scheduling system. It offers many different benefits to healthcare heroes, including:

1. Saves Valuable Labor Time

One of the most crucial elements in hospitals and ER departments is time. Within hospitals and emergency departments, physicians, nurses, and other staff are working hard in a high-stress, fast-paced environment. Hard-to-read, confusing schedules add on to their already existing stress and add unnecessary pressure on providers. Lengthy ER wait times have been associated with lower quality patient care and other negative events.

2. Provides Automation to the Scheduling Task

Shift scheduling software is an essential tool for individual and team schedules. It's updated in real-time with permission-based access that all doctors and staff can access remotely. It allows you to create schedules you base on rules and policies to:

• Distribute the on-call shifts equally
• Ensure you meet staff quota
• Ensure the proper physician is staffed adequately

3. Enhanced Doctor Satisfaction

When the schedule is organized and efficient, it leads to more satisfied doctors. When there's a reliable call system between nurses and doctors for discussing patient care, it leads to better patient care. Patients notice when physicians and other staff members are unhappy and fatigued.

And, physician burnout is linked with lower productivity and higher turnover. Granted, in the time of the pandemic, physician burnout is running rampart, but medical schedule software may help your organization ease this.

4. Quicker Access

On-call care providers require quicker access to their call schedules. If a staff member has to call a patient's physician in order to make modifications to a care plan, having incorrect contact information, or a delay in communication can impact patient outcomes negatively. Emergency medicine scheduling software allows quick, direct contact with doctors. It not only utilizes web-based platforms, but mobile platforms too to offer fast access to schedules to make changes and adjust as needed.

Doctor scheduling software has far more benefits than these four, but as you can see, it will only benefit your hospital to use this software, especially if you're still using manual or outdated scheduling methods. Contact us with your questions or to learn more.

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