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How savvy scheduling managers handle an unpredictable emergency doctor schedule

Posted on 11/2/2016 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
When you work in the medical field, especially in a hospital with an emergency room or an office with urgent care, you know that accidents, illnesses, and injuries happen. There is no way to predict how many patients you will see, how many doctors or surgeons are needed, and what types of injuries or illnesses will be treated. However, based on knowledge and tracking software, scheduling managers are able to use technology to work around the unpredictability. With a proper emergency doctor schedule and the ability to adjust it as needed, they can make sure all patients are taken care of.

Identify the Most Urgent Matters

One way a scheduling manager can handle last-minute scheduling changes is to know when there is an urgent need for more physicians. For example, if the manager works in an ER setting in a busy hospital, she knows that when a major collision happens they are going to need all hands on deck and will know which doctors or surgeons are available or if more are needed to call in. She can also tell based on how many people are coming in for burns, broken bones, or gunshot wounds what physicians are going to be needed the most and how many they need during those busy times.

More Doctors Are On-Call During Expected Busy Times

A manager that works on shift scheduling is also going to keep track of which doctors are on call during certain times of the day and night, and will use that information to know who to call to come in. It is important to understand this distinction because it keeps doctors from being overworked, while other doctors don’t work nearly as many hours. It allows all physicians and other medical staff to share their working shifts accordingly.

Allows For Knowing Which Doctors to Call

Scheduling managers will use scheduling software to see which doctors are available to call and also look at their upcoming scheduling so they don’t call someone in for a double shift when it isn’t necessary. This is another essential part of being responsible for emergency medicine scheduling. The manager needs to know everything that is going on in their medical center or doctor’s office from a scheduling program, whether it means narrowing down the available doctors to knowing how many patients are waiting to be treated.

Physician scheduling software programs can also help medical organization better understand statistics within their organizations, such as certain days or times of the year when the ER tends to get busy. This might be due to the cold and flu season, or holidays when more accidents tend to happen.

In an environment that is as unpredictable as an emergency room, using tools to help minimize this unpredictability is absolutely crucial. Emergency medicine scheduling software is one of these powerful tools to improve the lives of all who depend upon it.

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