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How to automate physician shift scheduling

Posted on 8/7/2019 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Physician scheduling is an extremely complex job requiring a lot of energy and time. It’s challenging to say the least, especially if it’s done in a manual way, such as using pen and paper or spreadsheets.. Since it's so complex, when you're in charge of the schedule creation task for your medical facility or hospital, you might find it hard to believe you can actually have it done automatically simply by using a shift scheduling software.

To automate your schedule creation process, a scheduling program uses a type of algorithm that relies on various rules. The rules reflect numerous planning constraints like:

- Minimum on-call coverage
- Physician absences
- Shifts only specific subspecialist can perform

Each physician group will have its own set of rules where physician scheduling experts can collaborate in. Rather than putting the schedule creation at risk of human error, automated emergency medicine scheduling saves resources and time with its speed and precision.

A shift scheduling program can help you tackle various personnel and administrative tasks like:

- Shift-swapping and self-scheduling
- Staff schedule notification and management
- Standard time-clocking
- Staff hours, paid time off and overtime tracking
- Administrative access and approval
- Robust compliance maintenance

While traditional scheduling methods leave HR tasks, administrative duties and scheduling tasks susceptible to human error, physician scheduling software works by integrating tasks into a single concise system, resulting in you having a more streamlined and smooth-running system that is less prone to error and follows best practices.

A scheduling program, however, needs to take into account things like:

- Preferences for certain shifts, days and locations
- Availability of qualified personnel
- Union and regulatory requirements
- Web-based and smartphone access
- Multi-location and network accommodations
- Avoidance of scheduling conflicts
- Allows for employee swaps, preferences and requests

In some regions, government regulations mandate nurse-to-patient ratios and you have to prove you're meeting these requirements by means of staffing reports.

Scheduling software encompasses a lot of multi-dimensional capabilities for scheduling an unlimited number of nurses, physicians and other medical staff. It can efficiently and quickly fill an open shift or find a substitute, adjust individual assignment start and end times, assign breaks within shifts, provide extensive reporting and tracking features and manage multi-skill shift needs to save you time.

Switching your medical facility or hospital communication methods to automated from manual may seem daunting, But, with the latest technology combined with a more cost-effective solution, the transition is simpler than ever.

There’s so much in the medical field that’s gone from manual to automated, your sensible next step should be to automate your on-call and shift schedules. By doing this, you’ll improve patient care, reduce stressful situations, decrease or eliminate physician burnout, and so much more. 

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