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How to improve the emergency doctor schedule to deal positively with physician burnout and stress

Posted on 4/25/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Everybody knows doctors tend to work long hours. In fact, according to AMA Insurance's 2014 Work/Life Profiles of Today's Physician, many doctors work up to 60 hours a week — some even up to 80 hours a week. 

Physician burnout is a work-related syndrome that involves:

* Depersonalization
* Emotional exhaustion
* A sense of decreased personal accomplishment

It's also prevalent all over the world. Burnout symptom rates linked with negative effects on patients, costs, physician health and the healthcare workforce exceeds 50 percent according to studies of both practicing physicians and physicians-in-training. It's a problematic public health crisis with adverse effects on patients, physicians, and healthcare systems and organizations.

Certain factors of this epidemic within healthcare systems and organizations include:

* Inefficient work processes
* Excessive workloads
* Work-home conflicts
* Administrative burdens
* Patient fluctuations

Lack of control or input for doctors regarding problems that affect their work lives, leadership culture, and organizational support structures

How can Emergency Doctor Schedule Software Help with Physician Burnout?

Some benefits of physician scheduling software include:

1. Consider doctors preferences and shift scheduling needs.
2. Automating time-off requests to reduce administrative burden.
3. Empower physicians to request changes in shifts in a centralized location.
4. Ensuring demanding shifts are equally distributed across all doctors.
5. Around the clock access to physician schedules.

Managing emergency medicine scheduling and having efficient coverage for on-call scheduling can make a huge difference for doctors, for their performance and for your turnover rate.

Although some individuals will say automation phases out humans, when it comes to the emergency doctor schedule, automation isn't actually replacing the person who's responsible for the job, its freeing up their time so they can move on to other important tasks they need to do. It also helps them handle more patients. With baby boomers being a large demographic today, which may have more medical issues, it’s highly desirable to have a means for more efficient emergency physician scheduling.

The software handles all the automation from creating the schedule to scheduling on-call needs and sending the completed schedule out to all your doctors and medical staff. It handles all your reporting as well. This automation includes handling:

* Schedule changes
* Shift preferences
* Vacation requests
* and much more

In any business today, automation is critical, but this is especially true in the healthcare industry. You want to ensure you have the proper coverage, yet you don't want to over schedule your doctors to the point of burnout. Burnout causes poor performance and poor-quality patient care. Balancing everything out is key and automation through shift scheduling software is your answer.

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