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How to improve your physician assistant schedule

Posted on 10/19/2022 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Aside from physicians and nurses, there is a wide range of health professionals, one of which is the physician assistant.

A physician assistant plays an essential role in the healthcare industry. They diagnose injuries and illnesses, examine patients, and give treatment under the supervision of the physician.

Although they spend more time taking care of the patient than a physician who is rushed to provide patient care, they tend to work every schedule possible due to the demanding requirements of their position. Some may work several long shifts during the week, while others may work regular office hours.

Physician assistants should be in good physical and mental health because they spend a lot of time on their feet caring for patients. Therefore, they need adequate and improved emergency medicine scheduling.

How to Improve Your Physician Assistant Schedule

1) Include short hours on the schedule regularly.

Finding the balance between their demanding job and personal lives can be challenging. This is because, after their patient care, they spend hours tracking and evaluating.

As a result, when creating a schedule for Physician Assistants, short hours should be included, so the physician has time to focus on their job as well as their personal affairs.

2) Schedule breaks or lunch periods.

Most PAs don't have lunch or break periods; therefore, they find it challenging to rest or eat whenever they feel like it. It’s important to add lunch or break periods to the schedule.

3) Eliminate overtime.

There is no justification for regular overtime. In the actual sense, it usually stems from a physician who lacks organization or staff that performs poorly. Look into the causes of overtime. Unless necessary, reassign responsibilities. Avoid making it so that workers start expecting overtime as part of their normal pay.

4) Create schedules in advance.

Physician assistants frequently work long, erratic hours. Working on the weekends and late into the night has become the norm for most physician assistants. As a result, this negatively impacts their social lives and connections with friends and family. In addition to being overworked, this leads to rising turnover rates.

While there isn't a simple fix, creating the schedule ahead of time and giving it to the physician assistants will enable them to plan their work schedules. This way, they will be able to schedule their social activities better to create that perfect work/life balance.

5) Collecting data to spot problems.

Gather information, examine trends, and look for potential causes of problems in the physician assistants' schedule. This helps you identify schedule gaps that could result in workflow issues and bottlenecks in your medical office.

6) Use scheduling software.

Manually creating or updating a physician assistant's schedule may lead to errors, especially when it involves shift scheduling. This can lead to confusion, burnout, and turnover. As a result, to keep the schedule organized, use scheduling software.

Scheduling software has many benefits, and it's one of the best ways to improve your physician assistant schedule. You will be able to automate scheduling tasks like shift change, time-off, leave, and more. It is easy to use and update. The schedules can be accessed online, and your physician assistants will be able to access the schedules wherever they are. They will also be able to view changes made to the schedule.


Although good physician scheduling won't solve every issue in healthcare, it will undoubtedly help. Improving your physician assistant schedule with scheduling software will go a long way to ease the stress of your physician assistants and increase productivity.

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