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How to leverage emergency medicine scheduling software

Posted on 8/2/2017 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Scheduling creation is an arduous and time-consuming task. You need to take vacation time, sick leave, personal preferences, fairness and so on into account before you even think of planning shifts. Luckily, there is an increasing number of workable software options available to take the pain out of shift scheduling as technology and design continually advance.

You can use healthcare scheduling software to solve everyday workforce challenges while keeping costs down and getting the best performance from your medical team. Here, we look at how to use emergency medicine scheduling software to its maximum advantage. You can use this to:

Make effective decisions. You can make good decisions fast when you have instant access to data. You can easily see overtime, availability, worked hours, skills, costs, credentials and budget targets. Thus, you can make better informed and cost effective decisions.

Increase communications. You can communicate effectively via email and text. If you have to change the schedule or have any extra last-minute needs you can be sure to stay on top.

Support collaboration. You empower your staff to help fill open shifts and swap shifts through using the software. This, of course, can increase employee satisfaction, reduce absenteeism, decrease employee turnover, and time savings, for you the scheduling manager.

Save money and time. You no longer need to spend hours on physician scheduling. The need for calling employees is also negated. You reduce premium hours, overtime and overstaffing by using the software. You know the exact cost of staffing decisions and staff counts as you schedule.

Keep abreast of credentials. The software tracks and stores crucial credentials like certifications, required training, and licenses. You can set alerts to know when credentials are about to expire or are missing from the system.

Simplify attendance and time. A software tool nullifies the need for a punch clock. You can easily pinpoint to locations of your staff who punch in and out via their mobile devices. It’s also possible to view actual and scheduled hours.

Integrate other HR systems. You may easily integrate other HR and time, attendance, and payroll systems into your software.

Schedule via template. If some of your staff work on a rotational basis, a template can be made that enables you to schedule their hours rapidly and effectively.

Ensure fairness. It’s possible to limit the number of nights and weekends your providers are assigned through the use of emergency medicine scheduling software. This helps to reduce employee burnout too.

Prioritize shifts. You’re able to ensure your hardest shifts are filled first. You can also set limits on time off requests for specific types of shifts.

Emergency medicine scheduling software is a must-have in a modern emergency department. See what it can do for your workplace today.

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