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I am too busy to implement ER scheduling software

Posted on 9/14/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
As the gateway to the hospital, the emergency department can be an operational nightmare for the scheduling manager, not to mention everyone that works in the ER, particularly when a large-scale (or even moderate-scale) trauma occurs causing the influx of patients needing immediate care to increase tenfold or more.

Schedulers are faced with the task of ensuring that there is adequate coverage on each shift. Without enough physician coverage, this can result in overcrowding in the emergency room, a decrease in patient satisfaction and, most importantly, potentially poor quality care.

Although schedulers are busy, implementing emergency medicine scheduling software can be well worth the investment, most notably because they save time overall. Shift scheduling programs eliminate the need to manually process and distribute work schedules every week.

ER scheduling programs are interactive and can be accessed anywhere through an online interface. They can also be accessed via mobile phone, which is especially vital for physicians on-the-go. Here are some of the top benefits of using such software.

Helps Save on Valuable Time

While there does take some time to learn new processes, once you do learn how to use the software you'll find that it decreases the amount of time a scheduler would normally spend creating written schedules. Scheduling software automates the scheduling process. All the physicians can use the online interface to access their work schedule and days off.

Provides Solution to Coverage Issues

A lack of coverage in the emergency department and ER crowding is pretty common. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that there were nearly 140 million emergency room visits in the U.S. in 2015.

Scheduling software can make coverage suggestions based on past trends. In addition, ER physician scheduling software can help you find coverage for a shift in the event that a staff member calls off sick.

Fair Scheduling

ER physician scheduling software ensures that schedules are created without prejudice. You can set it up so that it recognizes a limit in the number of nights and weekends that a physician can work straight. You’ll also be able to use the software to rotate holidays within the staff.

Automates Days Off Process

Does a physician need a day off? Or maybe one is interested in taking a last-minute vacation. Scheduling software allows employees to put in they're requests for days off. Medical providers can even swap schedules with one another, which is an extremely helpful feature.

Physician scheduling software doesn’t just benefit from scheduling software. It provides relief to the administrative load. This strategy allows for the smooth operation of the emergency department by:

* Decreasing service time
* Increasing efficient resource utilization
* Reducing physician burnout

Physicians often work long hours under pressure. Emergency medicine software can help create a well-balanced home and work life, and reduce physician burnout so prevalent in the medical industry. Consider making on-call scheduling software a part of your routine to help save time and even more importantly, save lives.

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