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Increase the efficiency of your medical practice with MD scheduling software

Posted on 11/25/2015 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

If you are a scheduling administrator, you have the responsibility of scheduling doctors, medical assistants, nurses, and other staff members. You know the importance of a schedule that works for everybody. Shift scheduling that is 'workable' can take hours, or even days or weeks, to create if done by hand or using a template, and you have to ensure there are always enough workers scheduled to meet patient needs.

MD scheduling software is the ideal tool to use to handle all scheduling needs efficiently.

Physician scheduling software is easy to learn and simple to use. For example, you can view a whole week's work schedule and move staff member shifts around easily until you are certain the schedule is workable for everyone. You even have the ability to save schedules so each time you start a new schedule it's easier to finish.

Benefits MD Scheduling Software

The convenience and efficiency advantages of MD scheduling software are plentiful, including the following benefits:

Connected Staff

The level of patient care can drop when there are changes made to a schedule. With emergency medicine scheduling software, staff can grab open shifts, request shift trades, and check schedule updates right from their smartphones. Schedules can be posted online, printed, or emailed, making it convenient for everyone to have easy access to schedules. Online capabilities to swap or split shifts are also great features of physician scheduling software. Reminders through text messages and emails makes sure that everyone is on top of their schedule or scheduling changes.

Fill Open Shifts

Run a smoother schedule by having the ability to view each staff member’s preferences and availability as you create the schedule. Last minute shift scheduling switches can be performed quickly by having the ability to find eligible candidates to cover them.

Time off Requests

Physician scheduling software allows you to handle time off requests in a breeze in a fair and efficient manner. Your staff members can feel confident that their time off requests and availability are always up-to-date. Healthcare employees looking for time off can let their employers know through the software, and the manager can approve or deny the request using the tool as well.

Manage Schedules and Track Patients

Schedules can be managed across multiple offices, physicians, and days of the week. You can track the arrivals and departures of patients and get real-time updates on cancellations and co-pays. Scheduling is organized and simple with an intuitive interface

Highly Customizable

Each medical practice has its own unique needs. MD scheduling software can be developed and fully customized with your unique needs in mind.

Scheduling software can help to free up some time for scheduling administrators who are in charge of repetitive duties like patient reminders, in addition to helping to tracking overtime and managing payroll. Processes can be streamlined which will improve overall efficiency.

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