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Integrating your new physician assistant schedule in your practice

Posted on 3/7/2019 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Physician assistants have flexibility in which types of medicine they may practice due to their general medical background. Because of this, they're more responsive to the ever-changing healthcare needs. Moreover, they are playing an increasingly popular role in many medical practices, and patients are beginning to embrace their skills more and more. Many medical practices are hiring at least one physician’s assistant, and even more depending on the size of the practice.

Physician assistants are uniquely suited for providing preventative care services in multiple settings from surgery to primary care. Their scope of practice is wide and may include:

- Performing physical exams
- Taking histories
- Performing or ordering therapeutic or diagnostic procedures
- Formulating working diagnoses
- Monitoring a therapeutic intervention's effectiveness
- Offering education and counseling
- Assisting at surgeries
- Implementing treatment plans
- Making referrals

This calls for an organized and full physician assistant schedule. And, the best way to ensure this is by implementing emergency medicine scheduling software.

Benefits of Physician Assistant Schedule Software

PA shift scheduling software offers a number of benefits, including:

1. Increased Patient Satisfaction

When your schedule has empty shift slots, it results in your patients having to wait to be seen or not receiving quality care. To ensure your patients are satisfied with their experience and are receiving high-quality care, you need to ensure your PA's schedules are completely filled and accurate.

2. Shift Trading

Physician scheduling software provides physician assistants with the ability to trade or split shifts online. In some cases, you could have a PA who needs to swap a shift with another PA after the schedule has already been created due to something coming up. Unexpected things can happen and you want to ensure rearranging the schedule is an easy task. PA scheduling software makes shift trading and swapping a breeze.

3. Schedule Customization

Shift scheduling software allows you to customize schedule effortlessly. This is important when you have rotating shift schedules and compressed workweeks.

4. PAs Can Request Time Off

With emergency medicine scheduling software, PAs can let you know their availability instantly online. They can request time off, vacation days, sick days or confirm they're available for various shifts before you start creating the schedule.

5. Mobile Access

When you can offer your PA's mobile access to their schedules, it helps to increase productivity. Since they can now see their schedule online in real-time whenever and wherever they want, they're more inclined to stay connected and communicate with other staff members. It can also help them to better stay on schedule during a busy patient day.

A PA can take on many roles in your medical practice in order to provide patients with quality accessible care. Together with doctors, physician assistants are making a big difference in the healthcare industry as a whole, and patients in particular. Therefore, you'll want to ensure you create a fair and accurate schedule and physician scheduling software can help you do just that and more.

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