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Making the case to upgrade your medical scheduling software

Posted on 6/10/2020 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Recognizing the limitations of emergency medicine scheduling and when it's a good time to assess new solutions makes perfect sense for your facility. Not to mention, a physician scheduling software upgrade is the primary way of alleviating your issues and enabling you to create a better scheduling system for your healthcare team.

So, how can you make the case to upgrade your medical scheduling software?

1. Explain That It Saves Time

Automated emergency medicine scheduling software turns your scheduling tasks from days of work to minutes with weighted rules, preferences and patterns that generate an optimized schedule that's created around requests.

2. Explain That It Saves Money

Make schedule distribution, accessibility, and communication seamless for all users from any location with real-time updates. Upgraded software will allow you to:

• Submit requests
• Sync schedules with mobile calendar applications
• Make changes in one simple-to-use place

These efficiencies will not only save your organization time, but money.

3. Explain That It Helps Overcome Challenges

Immediately highlight how shift scheduling software can address your healthcare scheduling challenges that you face and/or help you achieve your scheduling goals. These challenges could be related to physician burnout, work/life balance, and shift scheduling for examples.

3. Explain That It Offer a Real Solution

Once you've grabbed their attention, present them with your plan on how you'll use physician scheduling software to solve the issues you're experiencing. Make sure you emphasize how the software will address the specific pain points and not just the way it will support your present processes.

You'll want to show why investing in shift scheduling software is necessary. In other words, why you need to invest in this software instead of using your existing software or leveraging a different tool.

4. Explain That It Adds Functionality

When you're building your case, keep in mind that while many companies can decrease costs, the primary benefit of added functionality far exceeds this. So, you'll want to go further than just the upgrade itself and add functionality into your pitch.

5. Explain That It Provides Customization

Part of the critical planning process is itemizing existing customization to the software and figuring out your plans on how you're going to handle the customization. An experienced consultant can help you determine which customizations you'll want to:

• Keep
• Replace
• Update

7. Explain That It Will Generate Fewer Errors

You will no longer have to deal with manual editing, costly errors, including human errors. Just set your preferences and watch as the automation of the scheduling software does the difficult work for you.

8. Explain That It Tackles Your List the Concerns and Issues You're Experiencing with your Existing Scheduling Software

Each healthcare facility is unique in the problems they're facing. Having a comprehensive list of your main issues and concerns will allow you to make the most of your case to upgrade your medical scheduling software and enable your team to make the best decision possible.

Above all, explain that upgrading your medical scheduling software can help improve patient care, which is the most important reason of all.

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