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Managing an employee schedule through online scheduling software

Posted on 8/20/2014 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Shift scheduling, in any field, presents its fair share of challenges. Software, can make the process much simpler and far less time consuming for businesses in every industry. Keep these things in mind as you work to manage your employee schedule requests, shift preferences, and call-outs and consider how beneficial a program that does all the heavy lifting of creating that schedule for you.

Medical Industry Scheduling Challenges

The medical industry, in particular, faces many challenges when it comes to physician scheduling as well as emergency medicine scheduling. Among the many considerations are the individual needs of physicians with active practices outside of the hospital system, interns, unions, and accreditation requirements.

These are simply the scheduling challenges that are somewhat unique to medical facilities, there are some specific to other industries as well. Investing in the right software to manage your physician scheduling challenges can even handle tricky on-call situations including the randomization of on-call staffing needs.

Common Scheduling Challenges Across the Board

Businesses in many industries face a steady stream of scheduling issues. One injury, illness, or vacation can throw an entire schedule off-kilter resulting in expensive overtime or the potential of union penalties that hurt the business budget even more than overtime hours. These are just a few reasons your business benefits from software to do the scheduling work for you. 

  • Vacation requests
  • Overtime scheduling reductions
  • Traded shift tracking
  • Incorporates labor restrictions
  • Schedules according to qualifications
  • Tracks Seniority
  • Observes union requirements
  • Recognizes special instructions
  • Delivers instant updates when changes are made
  • Automatically sends schedules, changes, on-call notifications, etc. to specified recipients

Another benefit for businesses is that there is a computerized record of current and past schedules so you can keep track of who was on-call last Christmas, compared to this Christmas, who has a history of trading shifts on certain nights of the week, and other details that may help improve efficiency.

What Kinds of Businesses Benefit from Software for the Employee Schedule?

Perhaps the biggest surprise to many small business owners is how beneficial this software can be. While it’s highly useful for emergency medicine scheduling and physician scheduling, it’s also extremely helpful in the following types of businesses, both in the medical field and outside. 

  • Security Services
  • Food and Beverage Services
  • Pharmacies
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Event Management
  • Hotel Staffing
  • Fleet Services/Drive Scheduling
  • Call Centers

How many man hours are devoted to the schedule each month?

It’s not just the original planning and creation of the schedule that takes up time each month, but all the people who come in with last-minute changes and requests. These things take time to coordinate, make happen, and notify all parties of the appropriate changes. Then there always seems to be confusion about who should have actually worked the shift.

Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate all these things for your business? You can take charge of your employee schedule once and for all with shift scheduling software. Make your move today.

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