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Managing your teams work and life balance when they work on shift schedules

Posted on 1/4/2023 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Creating and sustaining a work-life balance in the emergency medicine sector is one of the biggest difficulties of these times – it's easy to say and plan but can be difficult to follow. While some physicians are willing to give up nights and weekends to meet the needs of patients, others who have families, personal commitments, and other hobbies also need to find time for their families while trying to help the facility meet its goals and provide quality health care for all patients.

Emergency medicine scheduling helps with work-life balance, but it can also be a hindrance when healthcare facilities are booked, and more staff are needed. Of course, employees have a say in how they plan and spend their time – it's theirs – but without their employer's support, it might not be as smooth as expected.

Administrators need to know that there are many benefits to be gotten from ensuring their staff members are well-rested through shift scheduling.

Helping physicians find work-life balance can be handled in different ways, and here are some measures that could prove helpful:

Allow Physicians to Take Short Breaks Intermittently During Work

It is essential for physicians to take short breaks throughout the day to help them acquire a sense of refreshment and remain physically and intellectually productive and alert. This applies to whether they work shift schedules, rotating schedules, or on-call schedules.

Moving from home to ward, aided by emergency medicine scheduling, trying to catch short rests and naps here and there, might not be enough. For others who sit for long periods at work to monitor screens and attend to payments and questions, it might negatively affect the body and mind. Allow your staff to take brief breaks to unwind whenever necessary.

Use Shift Scheduling Software

The use of shift scheduling software is also an excellent way to help with work-life balance. When shifts are properly scheduled and handled, physicians can plan their day and week properly, which helps them get more time to stay at home. Shift scheduling software is very efficient in fair physician scheduling, and when taken advantage of, it can help physicians plan their time more efficiently. Days meant for rest stay as days for rest; if there are any changes, the physicians are notified ahead of time.

Encourage Vacations

The benefits of vacations cannot be underestimated; hence everyone should be encouraged to make the most of the relaxation and rejuvenation that comes with disconnecting from work. Encourage team members to take vacation days when they want to.


By employing some of the measures listed in this article, physicians will experience better work-life balance and be free of burnout. Put these suggestions into action, and you will see increased staff happiness and retention. You might even attract new physicians along the way!

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