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Most sought after features of scheduling software for doctors and ER physicians

Posted on 4/24/2015 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Advanced emergency medicine scheduling software offers features that make the design and modification of schedules practical for schedule administrators, as well as healthcare staff. From saving time to encouraging a work-life balance, modern physician scheduling tools have advantages for everyone involved in keeping staffing levels at their proper levels. Of course, in the end patients benefit.

Here is a look at the benefits for both scheduling managers and for the medical staff.

Making Scheduling Practical

The schedule manager does not have an easy job. Keeping track of individual preferences, sick days, vacation time, department needs and requirements for proper patient care can be a hair-pulling occupation.


The right healthcare schedule maker allows you to have full control over the schedule. You can customize them, programming in all the factors for individuals and the facility. This also makes them practical for every type of facility.

Making Schedules Accessible

Every schedule, from the original through all of its permutations can be instantly loaded into physicians’ personal calendars and posted online for quick access. This eliminates the need for phoning to let people know about the new schedule.

Payroll Reports

Schedules are just one aspect of the handling staffing by administrators. Figuring out payroll is a connected and essential chore, which is also made easier by the recordkeeping functionality of shift scheduling software.

Reduce Overtime

Too much overtime centered on a small group of staff is a big reason for burnout. By using the overview features of scheduling software, the person in charge can spread shifts around. This makes it easier for individuals to find a proper work-life balance. It also saves the facility money by reducing heavy overtime costs.

Keeping Physicians Happy

Burnout is a common problem for healthcare providers, whether it is nurses, speciality doctors, or ER physicians. This leaves to higher attrition rates and even more difficult filling required shifts. By taking into consideration the personal needs and time commitments of physicians, the scheduling manager can reduce heavy workloads and the number of difficult shifts.

Personal Requests

The shift scheduling tools make it simple for physicians to request time off for vacation or emergencies and put in specific requests for shifts. Since the requests are fed into the software, there are fewer chances of them getting misplaced and forgotten.

Swap Shifts

Physicians find it easy to trade shifts or split them with other doctors when scheduling software is sued This gives them greater control, and at the same time, it frees up the time of the schedule manager.

Manage Availability

Using the software, physicians can make requests, confirm shifts, and manage their availability quickly and conveniently. This makes them happier by giving them greater control over their time.

Shift scheduling software is a boon for managers and physicians alike. It provides a sense of control for doctors and makes it simple for managers to create and modify schedules.

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