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On-call scheduling software for doctors - why it is critical

Posted on 7/4/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Emergency medicine scheduling software provides administration managers the ease of scheduling their healthcare staff and an easier way for doctors to handle their schedules. Physician on call scheduling software was created specifically for the needs of healthcare professionals. 

This type of software saves the scheduling manager hours of work every week having to schedule each staff member manually. And, since this software pays for itself through a more efficient healthcare facility operation, all healthcare professionals love this solution.

Monitoring productivity is an essential part of effective healthcare organization management. Shift scheduling software provides the processes and data to ensure you make more cost-effective decisions that are made by analyzing real-time productivity measures.

Physician scheduling software integrates with a number of different features, like mobile platforms, to offer you convenience and flexibility.

Benefits of On-Call Scheduling Software

Some of the main advantages of using this type of automated software include:

Highly customizable
Comprehensive scheduling
Easy user interface
Workforce optimization
License tracking
Internal and email messaging
Text messaging
Easy mass messaging
Highly configurable
Voice calling and messaging
Bedside productivity
Real-time tracking
Graphic overviews
Analytics and forecasting
Intelligent predictions
Drill-down reports

This only touches on some of the reasons why you should implement emergency medicine software and why it's important for your healthcare facility.

The Importance of Managing a Doctor On Call Schedule

The doctors on call schedule is a hospital's and clinic's most important schedule. Why?
- You can't schedule patients or staff until you locate the physician
- You don't need lab or x-ray services if there isn't even a doctor around to see the patients
- Doctors are the most needed people during a complicated procedure
- Doctors are the most needed at every hospital in the ER department

Every on call calendar block has the name of a qualified and highly trained medical doctor who drops everything to come care for a patient in an emergency situation

On call physicians and professionals are an important part of any healthcare facility, especially emergency room settings. Being able to schedule their time more effectively can not only help boost productivity, it can also reduce doctor burnout, eliminate under- or over-staffed schedules, enhance quality patient care and ensure satisfied doctors and patients.

Shift scheduling software helps you to ensure you have a doctor available at all times when you need them the most, no matter what time of day or night it is.

Contact us for a free demo of ByteBloc Software and to find out what it can do for your healthcare organization.

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