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Physician scheduling software simplifies your hospital network scheduling

Posted on 4/1/2020 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
A hospital network needs smarter round-the-clock emergency medicine scheduling to prevent physician burnout and ensure efficient patient coverage. ER departments have challenging shifts, frequently requiring long shifts and overlapping doctor coverage. It's essential when you implement your scheduling system, you stay organized so your schedule remains organized as well as your team. Physician scheduling software is the best way to accomplish this.

Ways In Which Physician Scheduling Software Simplifies your Hospital Network Scheduling

Here are seven ways shift scheduling software helps to simplify your hospital network scheduling.

1. Gives a Single Organization-Wide System

Use a single place to update your entire organization's on-call schedules. No more fragmented department on-call schedules. You receive real-time, last-minute changes and you no longer require paper-based schedules.

2. Enables Mobile Access

All clinical users experience an integrated mobile experience which includes being able to access and adjust the scheduling interface via smartphones. Physician scheduling software can provide your hospital staff members with 100% mobile experience, and for staff that are transient and travel from hospital to hospital within the network, this is essential.

3. Offers Visibility for Doctors On-The-Go

Meet doctors where they are. Securely and quickly access doctors' and other staff members' latest on-call schedule details at any time and from any device. Provide a self-service platform for accurate and accessible on-call schedule information. This results in quicker adjustments during a crisis or increased patient volume.

4. Leverages On-Call Standardized Workflow Schedules

Streamline on-call schedules and powerful workflow automation with patient care in one system. Ensure important messages go to the proper physician, at the right time and one the right device for improving patient care. This not only enhances workflow, but patient flow too.

5. Schedules Can Be Shared

Shift scheduling software provides hospitals with controlled visibility to schedules across service lines or departments for facilitating care team transparency and communication. This feature will greatly provide real-time schedules for physicians who need them and will increase coordination.

6. Schedules are Automated

Emergency medicine scheduling becomes one source of truth for your team schedules and individual schedules and is updated with permission-based accessibility in real-time and published down to the physician level. Use shift scheduling automated software to build an efficient schedule that adheres to your hospital's policies and rules so you meet staffing quotas, distribute schedules equally and ensure you have the right doctors in the right area at the right time.

7. Allows You to Stay Current

Changes made to web-based, hospital-wide schedules are available immediately to your organization, without having to print out revisions and distribute them to all departments. When you have web-based scheduling it means you have just one source of data, which eliminates translation errors and version control confusion from having to copy data onto whiteboards or paper. Your departments can do their own updates and make their own revisions as different shifts and assignments change, which helps maintain more current schedules.

Take advantage of physician scheduling software today to simplify your hospital network scheduling in the above seven ways and more!

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