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Reasons to Invest in Scheduling Software for Emergency Medicine for 2018

Posted on 1/3/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

In recent years emergency departments have seen an increase in the use of medical care by patients throughout the country, according to the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM).

One of the most challenging places in a hospital is the emergency room department. Not only is it challenged with the difficulties of maintaining the number of patients seen, but it often deals with a shortage of staffing needs and doctor specialties and limitations. There’s also a lack of predictability because you never know when a trauma or disaster may occur that causes an unexpected increase in the number of patients needing medical care.

One way to increase the efficiency of the emergency department is with the use of capable scheduling software for emergency medicine that allows you to schedule patients and doctors more efficiently and effectively. Due to an increase in technology, this is happening throughout many ER departments.

Factors for investing in Emergency Medicine Scheduling Software

For no other reason, investing in shift scheduling software for ER departments helps reduce the many challenges that occur. It helps your department function better by providing the ability to create and process schedules so each patient is given the proper treatment necessary.

ER departments can get very hectic due to normal factors that can’t be controlled. Patient volume can fluctuate minute-by-minute. However, having scheduling software in place can eliminate or diminish issues that don’t need to happen if a proper system is in place. This helps your department deal with emergency situations adequately.

Here are a number of considerations involved with choosing scheduling software:

- Providing remote access to schedule employee shifts.
- Scheduling employee hours based on availability.
- Curtailing excess labor and overtime costs.
- Scheduling employee tasks and breaks.
- Keeping track of employee vacation, overtime, and scheduling.
- Following staff coverage in real time.
- Storing sensitive data in a secure place.

The benefits to staff and patients include:

Creating an instant schedule

Avoid difficult scheduling procedures. Simply create or adjust schedules with the click of a button. This reduction of spending time coordinating, creating, and adjusting schedules allows the software to pay for itself in the first year.

Scheduling equality

The system can differentiate between certain scheduling days and times. Keep track of certain days and times separately.

Allows for Adequate Coverage

No more worrying about physician scheduling or if your staff needs are covered. Based on the demands in your department the scheduling software allows you to schedule the right staff at the right time. It also allows you to create and monitor standby or on-call staff, which is especially important in the ever-changing demands of an emergency department.

The emergency scheduling software works wonders for most emergency departments. Your staff and patients will notice the difference and appreciate it. Isn't it time you looked into emergency medicine scheduling software for 2018?

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