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Seven problems solved by hospital staff scheduling software

Posted on 11/11/2020 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Distributing your employee's work time optimally is an essential factor for your hospital's success. But the issue is you're likely spending more hours trying to optimize the schedule than you'd like to admit.

Hospital scheduling is definitely chaotic and time-consuming. You need to manage timetables, spreadsheets, time off requests, calendars, assign staff to shifts at one or more locations, and more. This can lead to an array of problems.

A great way to tackle these types of problems your hospital may encounter is by using physician scheduling software. Here are seven problems solved through the use of hospital staff scheduling software.

1. Accountability and Visibility

When you manually manage schedules, you don't have complete control over everything going on at the moment or totally visibility into your doctors' availability. This can pose a risk of unintended attendance, overlapping shifts, and time violations.

2. Errors

Spreadsheets are susceptible to errors. You can even say spreadsheets show the lowest schedule accuracy, and can lead to things like:

• Cancellation mistakes
• Wrong Data
• Lost time
• Poor productivity
• Missed shifts

Errors like these can be damaging to patients, and must be avoided.

3. Time Off Requests

Emailing a manager time off requests or writing the requests down on sticky notes is a strategy that often leads to forgotten or overlooked requests.

4. Last-Minute Shift Changes

Keep day-to-day operations smoothly running. Avoid the day-to-day struggle of filling in last-minute shifts in order to meet demanding and changing patient loads. Hospital staff scheduling software allows you to:

• Provide front-line shift a real-time view of worker availability and scheduling needs.
• Auto fill last-minute changes to shifts with staff who've confirmed acceptance.
• Evaluate scheduled employees' flexibility for filling various positions and maximizing coverage.

5. Overtime

Protect profitability and control overtime costs. See the direct effect schedule decisions will have on overtime to make sure you obtain the desired outcome on your bottom line and budget. And, remember too much overtime can lead to burnout, which can lead to detrimental patient effects.

6. Automation

Shift scheduling software becomes the one source of truth for both your individual and team scheduling system and is updated with permission-based access in real-time and published down to the doctor level. Emergency medicine scheduling software builds accurate schedules automatically based on your policies and rules for ensuring you meet staffing quotas.

7. Inadequate Medical Staffing

Maintaining staffing ratios and ensuring they're safe has been an uphill battle for a long time in the medical sector. Frequently, there aren't enough doctors, nurses, and other medical providers to adequately fill shifts. Staffing imbalances can cause a lot of negative outcomes, which includes patient dissatisfaction, medication errors, and staff burnout.

Does your hospital staff scheduling suffer from one or more of the above problems? If so, consider solving them with hospital staff scheduling software. contact us to learn more.

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