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Seven reasons your hospital should use ER scheduling programs

Posted on 6/27/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Shift scheduling software can be an essential tool for your emergency room. Not only does it help to ensure that all shifts are adequately covered, but it can also reduce your overtime costs as well. 

Below you will find seven reasons your hospital needs to use emergency medicine scheduling software to handle this, sometimes, delicate task.

Keep your physicians happy.

Physician scheduling can be one of the most intimidating aspects of the scheduling process because there are so many conflicts, requests, and physicians involved. Plus, you have patients health (and often lives) at risk. ER physician scheduling software allows you to be fair, impartial, and provide your physicians with outstanding work-life balance.

Painless union compliance.

Physicians aren’t the only employees and staff good shift scheduling software can help manage. Nurses, technicians, and other union workers can also benefit from this type of software. More importantly, your ER doesn’t have to worry about violating their requirements.

Reduce administrative loads.

This saves your organization valuable time and money and frees up your administrative personnel to focus their attention on cutting costs and building profits elsewhere in your ER.

Deliver true scheduling equality.

The computer software that handles shift scheduling is truly impartial and will provide a fair and equitable rotation of holidays and weekends off for all employees. This keeps physicians and other staff members feeling appreciated.

Automates the request process.

When filling out schedules by hand, your office is likely to become littered with hand-written requests for time off, vacation days, and specific shift requests. It’s far too easy for things to get lost in the cracks. Software to schedule ER shifts takes the paper out of the process and allows physicians, nurses, and other staff members to make their requests online.

Empowers staff members to handle their own shift changes.

Provided the shift is covered by appropriate professionals and doesn’t lead to unnecessary overtime, you can establish parameters and protocols that will enable employees to exchange shifts online without involved administrative personnel.

Provides full coverage for patients.

Of course, the most significant role of ER shift scheduling tools and software is to provide the right balance of doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel to meet the needs of patients visiting the emergency department on any given night. Shift scheduling software analyzes trends and history to determine the appropriate number of staff members on duty and on call.

You may not change the world by incorporating shift scheduling for your nurses and physicians in your ER, but you can change the efficiency of your entire emergency department, though. Try for yourself and see what a difference it makes in physician engagement, job satisfaction, and all-around productivity.

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