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Simplifying employee shift schedules in healthcare

Posted on 8/26/2015 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
There is no doubt about it; working in the healthcare industry requires speed and the ability to adapt to situations quickly. Nurses are constantly running from location to location, physicians are bouncing from one end of the hospital to another, and employees who work at independent practices are constantly switching their hats throughout the day.

All healthcare workers need to keep their running shoes on – especially those who are responsible for creating shift schedules. It’s a tough job trying to ensure that all shifts are covered and making certain that people are where they are needed. Fortunately, there is a way that the task of creating schedules can be simplified – with shift scheduling software.

Here’s a look at how emergency medicine scheduling software can benefit scheduling managers as well as the people they create schedules for and most importantly, the patients.

Flexible Locations – When scheduling managers use physician scheduling software, their need to run from location to location is eliminated. With the simple click of a button, scheduling managers can ensure that all locations are staffed and they can assign employees to shifts at one location or at multiple locations.

Connected Staff – Thanks to shift scheduling software, there’s no need to worry about changes in employee schedules impacting the care that patients receive. This software allows staff to request shift trades, select open shifts, and check updates that are made to schedules, all from their smartphones or tablets.

Less Time Creating Schedules – Say goodbye to spending hours upon hours creating schedules for your staff. With physician scheduling software, creating schedules only takes a few minutes. This scheduling software offers a guided setup that will walk you through the process of adding employees, locations, and positions. You can have the capability to view how schedule changes impact your rotating schedules and shift coverage.

Mobility with 24/7 Access – Staff can stay connected to their schedules 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to text message alerts, mobile scheduling apps, and email notifications. They can easily print their schedules, if they prefer have a hard copy of their schedules.

Less Data Entry – Yet another perk of shift scheduling software is that it minimizes the amount of data entry that you have to do. You can add and invite employees in a matter of seconds. The software will send out invites to employees via text messages and emails as soon as they are added into they system.

Locate Replacements on the Go – It also makes it possible to find replacements for shifts even when you’re on the go. As soon as you receive a notification that an employee will be unable to work a shift, you can notify all of those employees who are eligible and available to cover a shift in no more than 30 seconds. It can even help to reduce overtime costs by optimizing your staff.

Simplify healthcare scheduling and ensure exceptional patient care; start using shift scheduling software today.

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