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Solving the nurse scheduling problem with software

Posted on 10/11/2017 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Your emergency department or other healthcare facility has to juggle taking care of patients and managing clinical duties. Scheduling is only one task included in your administrative duties, but is one of the most important since it impacts the goals of your entire healthcare organization and the personal lives of your team. Therefore, it's essential that you schedule sensitively and fairly, but also accurately and quickly. This is where nurse scheduling software comes in.

Each nurse will have their own restrictions and wishes. Your healthcare facility will too. Therefore, you’ll need to create a schedule that fulfills the goals of the facility and constraints of your nurses.

Scheduling software allows you to accommodate your healthcare team's personal availability and preferences for certain shifts, days and locations. It also accounts for and meets union and regulatory requirements that often govern how many hours one employee can work and minimum time off between each shift. Below are ways to help you solve the scheduling conflict and help you create a schedule that fits everyone's needs.

Avoid Scheduling Conflicts

Physician scheduling software detects and alerts you of all types of schedule conflicts such as:

- Overtime hours
- Overlapping shifts
- Not enough rest between shifts
- Lacking required skills

The software alerts you of conflicts by flagging and color-coding a conflict on schedule views.

Ensure there's Adequate Shift Coverage

Now you can view the number of physicians, nurses and other healthcare staff scheduled in every shift by skill, position, and reason allowing you to quickly see if there's a shift that's under/overstaffed while you're assigning the shifts.

Cut your Scheduling Time Significantly

With emergency medicine scheduling software, you can:

- Avoid overtime
- Set and manage rotations
- Mitigate risk and stay within budget
- Manage call outs and replacements
- Restrict access based on lapsed certifications, licenses, and schedules
- Scheduling software puts and keeps you in control of staffing.
- Identify Qualified Workers for Open Shifts

Now you can easily find eligible and qualified nurses and other healthcare staff to fill in open shifts based on position, availability, work hour limits, skill, seniority, labor cost, and other criteria.

Assign Shifts in Multiple Locations

Define as many departments or locations as you need while authorizing your nurses and other healthcare workers to work at specific locations. Sort and filter reports and schedules based on locations.

Healthcare facilities need shift scheduling programs that are affordable and simple to use. Scheduling software is proven to make communication and scheduling of employees easy.

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