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Ten reasons to invest in emergency room physician scheduling software

Posted on 3/10/2021 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
The ER department is a hard health-specialty to schedule for. There are a number of things you must consider if you manage an emergency room department, such as overcrowding, patient flow fluctuations, staff shortages, and more. You also need to keep your doctors' preferences in mind too. Emergency medicine scheduling software can help streamline the process. It's designed especially for handling an ER's challenges and high pressure.

10 Reasons to Invest in Physician Scheduling Software

Some reasons you'll want to use scheduling software in your ER department are:

1. Eliminate Errors

Shift scheduling is a difficult task and can be very complex. The ER scheduling software can simplify the process.

2. Allow Doctors to Make Requests

Your doctors can check their schedules from anywhere and make requests. Since the schedule can be accessed remotely, you can edit from wherever you are.

3. Have Faster Access to On-Call Doctors

This is a crucial requirement for ER departments and call schedules. If a nurse needs to contact a patient's physician in order to provide the best care plan, delays in communication or incorrect contact information can impact patient outcomes negatively. Shift scheduling software will allow a more direct, quick contact to doctors needed for weighing in on patient care.

4. Save Money

Emergency medicine scheduling software saves hospitals and ER departments money. It eliminates errors that occur through scheduling manually, so understaffing and overtime requiring the need to bring in costly temporary workers for covering hours isn't a problem.

5. Have an Organized Schedule

When the schedule is organized, it increases doctor satisfaction results.

6. Improve Doctor Burnout

There's a notable association between patient and doctor satisfaction. Patients can tell when nurses and doctors are unhappy and fatigued. Also, doctor burnout is linked with staff turnover and low doctor satisfaction scores.

7. Accommodate ER Departments 24/7 Schedules

ER departments are open round the clock, unlike medical clinics that have limited operating hours. This requires constant doctor staffing. Physician scheduling software has to take various factors into account, which include the historical patient census, cost-effective care, and the doctor and patient satisfaction.

8. Increase Shift Work Awareness

While ERs are open 24/7, human bodies aren't made for working 24/7. You need to consider between shift time off and how many total hours ER doctors work when you're creating the schedule. Considerations like these further complicate the scheduling process.

9. Realize Cost Savings

Scheduling software helps provide cost savings when you use it properly. Reduced patient wait times is a substantial area where ER departments can see significant cost savings. Improving patient flow through the ER is one way of speeding up care times and being able to reach doctors for certain cases is an easy way of doing it.

10. Enjoy Fair Call Shifts Distribution

Shift scheduling software keeps a history of all call shift scheduling, which ensures fair distribution among workers.

Make 2021 the year you invest in emergency room scheduling software. Schedule your free ByteBloc Software demo today.

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