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The benefits of using doctor scheduling software for healthcare networks

Posted on 10/16/2019 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Health networks face unique challenges. First, it's crucial you stay on top of the latest medical innovations and advances in patient care. Then, while you're doing so, you need to also stay compliant and work to ensure the safety, health and rights of your patients are intact throughout their entire course of care.

On the administrative end, the unique challenges you face are just as great. The cost-effectiveness and efficiency of your health network's shift scheduling must work alongside an innovative mindset.

For you to run an innovative and efficient healthcare network, you need to identify and address all the factors that affect your organization's performance. And, a crammed, inefficient schedule could be one factor, maybe even the main factor. Therefore, you need to streamline your physician scheduling process. This can be done through scheduling software. Below are some benefits of using scheduling software.

1. Saves Time

Emergency medicine scheduling software is accessible online and through mobile apps. When you have easy access to your physician's contact information and schedules, it means you can get urgent messages out quickly. You're not losing time waiting for a response from the wrong person.

Quick access to information also helps reduce wasted search time for physicians and nurses who need to know who's on call and how to reach that individual. The software enables physicians to input exceptions so the user can forward their on-call to another physician during certain times and days (i.e. while in surgery).

2. Provides Automated Scheduling

Doctor scheduling software becomes your single source of truth for your team and individual schedules. It provides permission-based access to real-time updates and is published down to the provider level. You can build efficient and accurate schedules that are based on your policies and rules with automated shift scheduling software to ensure you're:

- Meeting staff quotas
- Distributing on-call assignments equally
- Having the right doctor in the right place at the right time

3. Offers Staff Satisfaction and Performance Improvements

Improve physician satisfaction and performance through balanced scheduling. When you can fairly distribute doctors and staff across various roles, doctor scheduling software can help your healthcare network achieve the equity you're striving for. Scheduling software is built for responsiveness.

With features such as real-time alerts and mobile access, your doctors can keep track of their shifts better and can react to changes in the schedule quickly. Automated software also helps schedule fairly, allowing your physicians to become rested and rejuvenated, so they can perform their best during their assigned shifts. This helps create a culture of overall physician wellness.

4. Promotes Easier Compliance Monitoring

By maintaining tailored tracking and reports, shift scheduling software makes it simple for you to keep your healthcare network in compliance.

5. Offers User-Friendly Mobile Applications

Mobile apps allow your team of physicians to fill the schedule and swap, trade or pick up assignments from anywhere at any time. Allowing your physicians to trade assignments on their own, it helps you fill the gaps in the schedule from anywhere through a mobile app. It's now easy to make quick schedule changes.

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