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The best software features for ER physician scheduling

Posted on 9/6/2017 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Emergency medicine physician scheduling is arguably one of the most challenging administrative aspects to get right for scheduling administrators and ER department managers.

There are so many variables to consider such as patient needs, physician burnout, vacations, and 24/7 staffing requirements. You also need to take factors into consideration such as staff shortages, physician preferences, and overcrowding.

Today, manually scheduling ER physicians just doesn't cut it. Luckily, design and technology have advanced to make your job of scheduling staff in your ER department easier and more efficient.

If you’re looking at ways of streamlining the scheduling process, specialized ER software could be just what you need. The main benefits and features of ER physician software include:

Time saving. You won't need to spend hours making up a schedule as the software takes care of this for you. You can therefore easily accommodate rotating shift schedules or a compressed work week.

Scheduling the best -qualified staff. The software enables you to place the most qualified staff in the right department as and when they’re needed.

Scheduling changes can be easily requested. Your staff can request changes to their schedule electronically. This saves you having to take phone calls when you’re busy.

Automatic scheduling of doctor rotations. Doctor rotations are scheduled automatically via your software tool.

Provides ease of communication. You can send out, update and change schedules electronically. You can even set up SMS alerts and an online message board for your staff.

Meeting government and union regulations. With your software tool in place, you can set it to meet the regulations you need.

Quickly get in touch with staff. You have various electronic means of communicating with staff when you use software to schedule their hours.

Building schedules around employee shift preferences. You can schedule fairly via your software. There is a reduction in clinician burnout and staff turnover.

Payroll reports. It’s easy to generate pay reports with multiple pay structures.

24/7 access to personalized schedules. You and your providers benefit from being able to view schedules via any internet-ready device.

Scheduling across multiple sites. If your team has more than one site of work, complexities in emergency medicine scheduling can be common. It’s all too easy to double book and to lose track of how every individual staff member is performing. Software for emergency department scheduling allows you to keep track of staffing requirements, payroll, preferences and more for each clinician at each site. You no longer need to spend hours on summary calculations and manual tracking.

Making the decision to improve your ER physician scheduling process is a commitment to everyone involved. Proper shift scheduling improves patient care from more motivated and better-rested staff. Clinician frustration is lower, productivity is, therefore, higher. Your ER department as a unit will perform better.

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