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The complexities of emergency medicine scheduling and what to do about it

Posted on 3/25/2020 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

There are a variety of ways in which the practice of emergency medicine is demanding and unique. However, a substantial one is the requirement for shift work. While specialists in other practices may have to suffer interruptions of sleep and be on call, doctors in the ER department have to endure rotating shifts. ER doctors who are scheduled to work a night shift work continuously through the night until the next morning. They don't have much of a break or an opportunity for sleep.

The sleep deprivation linked with shift work is an unmet public health issue in the U.S.

So, how do you take the complexities out of emergency medicine scheduling? One way is by using physician scheduling software.

How Shift Scheduling Software Can Take the Complexities Out of Scheduling

Emergency room scheduling software is a 100% online scheduling platform. If you're the ER scheduler, you can feel confident emergency medicine scheduling software will surpass all your real-time scheduling requirements. From ensuring you equally distribute all your weekend shifts to establishing every physician is equally working that one shift they dread. Some ways scheduling software can help with your emergency room scheduling are:

- Balance the number of nights, weekends and other undesirable shifts you assign to doctors as well as holidays.
- Enhance physician satisfaction with rules advocating minimal interruption of circadian rhythms.
- Use auto-scheduling or template scheduling together with manual assignments for accommodating and managing rotational work.
- Prioritize shifts to make sure you fill the toughest shifts first and set time-off request limits.
- Reduce open shifts by using flexible rule settings that offer more autonomy and options in finishing the schedule.
- Guarantee your extra hours and hourly pay are recorded accurately.
- 24/7 access to schedules via the web and mobile phone.

In the competitive market today for qualified physicians, scheduling software makes it easy for you to customize patterns and rules to accommodate your physicians’ individual needs. Does one doctor prefer to take Mondays and Tuesdays off and work every Wednesday and Thursday? Or perhaps one of your physicians have a recurring meeting every month on the 3rd. Or maybe you have a doctor that prefers not to work a certain shift or needs the afternoons off to pick up children at school. With scheduling software, this isn’t a problem.

Making the decision to improve your emergency medicine scheduling process takes a commitment. While accurate scheduling involves complex workflows and logic, an ER department can realize significant benefits by making a commitment to its doctors. Effective scheduling enhances patient care through better-rested and more productive physicians and efficient coverage. Your organizations and your patients deserve this. 

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