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The ease, convenience, and flexibility of MD scheduling software

Posted on 3/26/2014 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
As your hospital or medical group practice grows as does your physician base, as a physician scheduler, you may be finding it more and more difficult to manage everything. Hand-written charts and paper and pencil just doesn’t cut it anymore. You might feel like you are drowning at most, and overwhelmed at least. The good news is that the answer may be as simple as enlisting the help of MD scheduling software, also known as emergency medicine scheduling software or physician scheduling software.

If you haven’t tried using scheduling software for physicians, you will likely be surprised at how easy it is to not only get started with, but how simple it is to routinely use. There will be no more long hours pouring over physician schedules to ensure your employee shift scheduling is fair and equitable, while simultaneously meeting the needs of your patients and medical or hospital group as a whole and making sure all shifts and specialties are covered.

To be sure, the management of shift scheduling for physician is made easier with the right tools. It can be a very daunting task and constant challenge to keep up with the many interconnected factors that need to be taken into account when scheduling a group of physicians, who each have their own strengths, specialities, and scheduling preferences, to name a few. Without an automated doctor scheduling tool that is useful, efficient, and simple to use, your job of creating and maintaining physician schedules can evolve into a scheduling nightmare, particularly when using a manual scheduling process.

Aside from saving time — and headaches — advanced physician scheduling software is a great way to keep physician morale high. For example, emergency medical physicians know that when their shift schedules are created using MD scheduling software, they know that the schedules are equitable. They also know that scheduling software helps to minimize any subjectivity that may slip into the schedule — whether intentionally or not. In other words, physician scheduling software adds transparency to the scheduling process.

In times of last minute scheduling changes or short staffing situations, which can happen when a physician calls off ill or workload peaks due to trauma, emergency physician scheduling software really shines. Built-in features of sophisticated physician scheduling software make effective rescheduling easy when last minute changes or unforeseen events happen at what seems like a moment’s notice. 

In summary, physician scheduling software can provide these benefits and more:

  1. Provide a fair and equitable method of scheduling.
  2. Improve patient continuity of care.
  3. Reduce operating expenses.
  4. Relieve physician stress and scheduler stress.
  5. Save time in in scheduling.
  6. Help with short staffing delays and last minute scheduling changes.
  7. Works with rotating scheduling and shift schedules.

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