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The ever increasing importance of physician assistant scheduling software

Posted on 12/12/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
According to a research brief published by the Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI), a nonprofit organization, many people are opting out of primary physician care. Instead, they are relying on medical care administered by nurse practitioners and physician assistants. According to the report, every state saw a decline in primary care visits, and every state saw a rise in nurse practitioner and physician assistants visits.

The good news is that having more patients visit nurse practioners and physician assistants can help primary care doctors to focus on more complex-in-nature primary care issues, while also easing potential shortages in primary care doctors.

The recent decline in primary care visits is largely contributed to the awareness surrounding increased medical spending. Physician assistant scheduling software can be helpful in analyzing trends in nurse practitioner and physician assistant based medical offices.

Benefits of Physician Assistant Software

The increased demand by patients for physician assistant visit calls for efficient management software that can streamline the workflow of a medical facility. Here are some of the benefits of investing in physician scheduling software.

Efficient Patient Scheduling

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of emergency medicine scheduling application is that allows PA’s to easily schedule appointments in the interface and send reminders to the patient. According to the report PA visits jumped to 129% which equates to 88 visits per 1000 visits over the span of four years.

When working with such a large patient roster it can lead to challenges when it comes to booking appointment such as over scheduling and missed appointments. These seemingly minor errors can impact the income the practice generates.

Simplify Employee Scheduling Process

One of the biggest challenges of operating a medical facility is ensuring that patient demand is met. Therefore, schedulers have to make sure that they have adequate staff on each shift. The great thing about shift scheduling software is that schedulers can automate assistant physician staffing. This eliminates the tedious task of creating a schedule week after week. In fact, employee schedules can be made weeks in advance. Using shift scheduling software can help schedulers and administrators make sure that physicians have at least twelve hours in between each shift, and physician assistants and nurse practitioners do as well.

Communication Tool

Physician assistant scheduling software can serve as a communication tool with the entire staff when it comes to requesting days off, calling out and swapping shifts with other staff members. Such changes in the schedule are often miscommunicated and it negatively impacts the workflow of the facility. Having a single tool to communicate changes in the schedule is important because it will help reduce the likelihood of staff shortages.

The ever increasing demand for physician assistant calls for a quality workforce management tool that will help support the needs of the medical facility. This will ultimately increase patient satisfaction and you can rest assured that quality medical care is being provided by your nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, and primary care doctors.

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